What benefits does Vanuatu citizenship offer?

The Fastest Citizenship
by Investment Program

You and your family can obtain the passport of Vanuatu within 6-12 weeks without having to visit the country. You can acquire citizenship of Vanuatu for all members of your family including your spouse, your children, and your parents.

The ease of acquiring
Vanuatu citizenship

The procedure of acquiring citizenship of Vanuatu is simpler than that in any other country granting citizenship by investment.

Free travel
around the globe

The Vanuatu passport gives visa-free access to 103. The Vanuatu passport holders can also easily acquire the Australian 600 subclass visa as well as a tourist visa to the USA. Negotiations about visa-free entry to China and Australia are underway.

Low tax rates
and banking privacy

Vanuatu levies no wealth tax nor property succession tax. Tax residents of Vanuatu do not have to pay income tax either.

Possibility to acquire citizenship for cryptocurrency

You can obtain citizenship of Vanuatu by investing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The Government accepts direct donations only in US, New Zealand, and Australian dollars and Japanese yen only. However, a licensed agent can accept a crypto payment and then convert the cryptocurrency into US dollars.

  • Visa-free
  • Visa-on-arrival
  • Electronic visa
  • Standard visa
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How do I acquire citizenship of
Vanuatu and who is eligible to apply?

You can acquire Vanuatu citizenship by making a non-returnable donation to the state fund. The required donation amounts are as follows:

  • For a single applicant: from US$ 130,000;
  • For the main applicant and the spouse: from US$ 150,000;
  • For the main applicant, the spouse, and one more dependent family member: from US$ 165,000;
  • For the main applicant, the spouse, and two more dependent family members: from US$ 175,000;
Additional requirements for the main applicant

Applicants for Vanuatu citizenship require police clearances certificates and a health checkup by a doctor. $500,000 must be evidenced by a bank, brokerage or crypto statements or a personal balance sheet prepared by an accountant.

Requirements for dependent applicants

The main applicant’s spouse, his or her minor children, children between 18 and 25 years old in full time study, and parents over 50 years can be included in the application for Vanuatu citizenship. All adult family members must supply police clearances and be financially dependent on the main applicant.


What procedures are involved in obtaining
citizenship of Vanuatu by Investment?


WEEKS 1 to 2

Contact your licensed immigration agent and discuss the application details. The agent makes a preliminary assessment of the characteristics of your personal situation. You sign an agreement with the agent and submit the required application documents.


WEEKS 2 to 6

Your agent in Vanuatu submits the documents and awaits pre-clearance from the government. Once you receive this, you must transfer the funds to the agent's escrow account at National Bank of Vanuatu, or make payment in crypto.


WEEKS 6 to 8

After receipt of funds by the government, citizenship certificates and Vanuatu passports are issued to you and your dependent applicants. You must then swear an oath by video conferencing or at a Vanuatu diplomatic mission in order to receive your passports.

Important questions related to acquiring second citizenship of Vanuatu.

Where is the state of Vanuatu located and what is it known for?
Vanuatu is a tropical island chain that lies between Australia and New Zealand. It is a culturally diverse country with more than a hundred different languages spoken there. Vanuatu has been recognized as the happiest nation on the planet several times. It is a very peaceful country and there are no armed forces in Vanuatu.
Can Vanuatu citizenship be acquired free of charge?
You can acquire citizenship of Vanuatu without paying for it via naturalization. To do that you have to obtain a legal residency permit and live in the country for ten years before you can become a full citizen. In this case you will be required to renounce your previous citizenship.
Is a visit to Vanuatu required to obtain the passport of the country?
When collecting your citizenship certificate and passport of Vanuatu, you have to make an oath of allegiance to your new country. You can do it on a personal visit to Vanuatu or on a visit to its foreign embassy or consulate. Due to the pandemic, you can now also swear the oath by video conference and have the passports sent to you by courier.
How long does the Vanuatu passport remain valid?
The citizenship of Vanuatu is granted to foreign applicants for life. However, you have to renew the passport once every ten years. The cost of the passport renewal is around US$ 160.
What documents have to be supplied to obtain citizenship of Vanuatu by Investment?
  • The completed application for citizenship form.
  • Legalized passport copies for all applicants listed in the application.
  • Legalized copies of birth and marriage certificates that confirm kin relations between the family members.
  • Police clearances for all adult applicants.
  • Copies of education certificates.
  • Medical certificates.
  • Documents confirming that the main applicant possesses property whose worth exceeds US$ 500,000.
  • Passport size photographs.
Can you file the application for citizenship of Vanuatu directly to the immigration authorities?
No, you cannot. Only the immigration agents licensed by the Vanuatu Government are entitled to file applications for citizenship by investment to the authorities on behalf of the clients.

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