Where Are Most Superyachts Registered? Countries with the Most Registered Boats

The issue of changing jurisdiction for vessel registration has become increasingly relevant for owners of superyachts. Familiarizing yourself with the list of countries where the world’s largest superyachts are registered can assist in making the right choice.

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Important note: In the maritime industry, a superyacht is typically defined as a passenger vessel measuring 79 feet (24 meters) or longer, requiring a professional crew for its operation.

We invite you to explore information regarding the largest registries and popular destinations for superyachts.

Top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of superyachts

In 2019, Bloomberg published a list of the top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of superyachts registered in their marinas:

  1. United States – 216
  2. Italy – 197
  3. France – 155
  4. Greece – 145
  5. Spain – 84
  6. Croatia – 64
  7. Turkey – 63
  8. Bahamas – 20
  9. Australia – 19
  10. United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 17.

The updated ranking for the year 2023 has not been published yet. However, there might be potential for a significant change due to the introduction of sanction restrictions against Russian oligarchs who own a large fleet of superyachts.

Explore the best countries for boat registration and popular marinas in Europe in 2023.

Malta operates the largest superyacht registry in the world

At the end of 2020, Ian Borg, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects of Malta, announced during a press conference that his country operates the largest superyacht registry in the world. This conclusion was drawn based on the fact that in 2020, the Malta Ship Registry included 850 vessels measuring over 24 meters in length. According to Ian Borg, every thirteenth superyacht worldwide sails under the flag of Malta.

In 2022, the succeeding Minister of Transport, Aaron Farrugia, confirmed that Malta retains its status as the jurisdiction with the largest superyacht registry in the world. He stated that over 1,030 large yachts are sailing under the Maltese flag. World-known media outlets often publish photographs of global celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Rihanna, aboard superyachts registered under the Maltese flag.

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Around 50% of superyacht registrations are accounted for by the Cayman Islands

In 2019, the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) released information on vessel registrations, explicitly focusing on superyachts. At that time, CISR documented a total of 2,215 boats and ships, of which 1,897 were private yachts.

The data also revealed that approximately 50% of yachts worldwide measuring over 30 meters in length and 80% of the global fleet of superyachts sized 80 meters or larger, were registered under the Cayman Islands flag.

This popularity of CISR among megayacht owners can likely be attributed to the opportunity to obtain a Yacht Engaged in Trade (YET) Certificate. This certificate has been issued in the Cayman Islands since December 2017. It allows the utilization of superyachts for chartering in the waters of France and Monaco for up to 84 days per year.

Read more about the benefits of registering a yacht in the Cayman Islands.

Countries of registration for the world’s top 30 largest superyachts

The table below presents the top 30 largest superyachts in the world and the countries where they are registered.

RankingSuperyacht nameLength (meters)Year builtOwnerCountry of registration
1Azzam1812013Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al NahyanUAE
2Eclipse1632010Billionaire Roman AbramovichBermuda
3Dubai1622006Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al MaktoumUAE
4Project Blue1612022UnknownCayman Islands
5Dilbar1562016Billionaire Alisher UsmanovCayman Islands
6Al Said1552008Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al SaidOman
7El Mahrousa1511865Egyptian presidential yachtEgypt
8A+ (Topaz)1482012Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al NahyanCayman Islands  
9Prince Abdulaziz1471984Saudi Royal FamilyMarshall Islands
11Sailing Yacht A1432017Billionaire Andrey MelnichenkoUK
12Nord1422021Billionaire Alexey MordashovRussia
13Yas1412012Emir Hamdan ibn Zayed ibn Sultan Al NahyanCayman Islands 
14Ocean Victory1402014Billionaire Viktor RashnikovCayman Islands
15Scheherazade1402020UnknownCayman Islands
16Solaris1402021Billionaire Roman AbramovichCayman Islands
17Al Salamah1401999Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al SaudSaudi Arabia
18Rising Sun1382004Media mogul David GeffenCayman Islands
19Flying Fox1362019Dmitry KamenshchikCayman Islands
20Savarona1361931Turkish presidential yachtTurkey
21Crescent1362018Igor SechinCayman Islands
22Serene1342011Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al SaudCayman Islands
23Al Mirqab1332008Former Prime Minister of Qatar Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al ThaniCayman Islands
24Y7211272003Billionaire Jeff BezosCayman Islands
25Octopus1272003Billionaire Paul AllenCayman Islands
26Katara1252010Emir of QatarQatar
27A1192008Billionaire Andrey MelnichenkoBermuda
28Luna1152010Roman Abramovich and Farhad AkhmedovMarshall Islands
29Pelorus1152002Media mogul David GeffenCayman Islands
30Le Grand Bleu1132000Billionaire Eugene ShvidlerPalau

Based on the data in the table, we can determine the countries where the largest superyachts in the world are most commonly registered:

  • Cayman Islands – 14
  • Bermuda – 3
  • United Arab Emirates – 2
  • Marshall Islands – 2
  • Oman – 1
  • Egypt – 1
  • Liberia – 1
  • United Kingdom – 1
  • Russia – 1
  • Saudi Arabia – 1
  • Turkey – 1
  • Qatar – 1.

Nearly half of the world’s top 30 largest superyachts (14 units) are registered in the Cayman Islands. This is confirmed by the statistics from the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, published in 2019.

Other popular jurisdictions for superyacht registration include Bermuda, the United Arab Emirates, and the Marshall Islands.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the top 10 best superyacht manufacturers.

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