Marinas in Europe: the Largest and the Most Expensive Quays

The traditional port infrastructure of well-developed countries in Europe is focused on commercial ships. However, yacht and pleasure boat owners can also find some fantastic marinas in Europe. There are dozens of private quays to choose from. Marinas in Europe offer complex services to yacht owners and wonderful recreation opportunities. The service prices can vary significantly from one marina to another.

Marinas in Europe

Some marinas in Europe resemble luxury hotels. They offer the highest possible level of services and exclusive facilities. Every wish of the client will be granted immediately but the prices are comparatively high. Elite marinas in Europe host expensive yachts and offer exceptional conditions to wealthy yacht owners.

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The largest marinas in Europe

Below we mostly discuss the marinas in Europe that are suitable for large and extra-large yachts. These marinas are capable of servicing small ships and yachts too but in most cases, the quality of services that these marinas offer are going to be a bit excessive for small yacht owners.

Porto Montenegro marina:

  • Tivat, Montenegro, Bay of Kotor;
  • Marina owner – Investment Corporation of Dubai;
  • Yacht length – up to 250 m.
Porto Montenegro

A luxurious marina, one of the most popular harbors in the Mediterranean Sea and in Europe in general. Porto Montenegro offers state-of-the-art yacht servicing and repair facilities that will suit the largest yachts. The recreation opportunities that you can find there are also superb. Technical assistance is available around-the-clock and any yacht can dock there regardless of its size.

OneOcean Port Vell marina:

  • Barcelona, Spain, Balearic Coast;
  • Marina owner – QInvest, a Qatar Investment Bank;
  • Yacht length – up to 190 m.
Port Vell

A marina highly popular with owners of elite expensive yachts. A large pier can host up to 150 ships and yachts. The level of technical equipment is among the highest in Europe. There you will find everything that you need for splendid recreation and tourism. The area of Barcelona where the marina is located offers a unique combination of luxury and democracy.

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Port Vauban Antibes marina:

  • Antibes, French Riviera, Cape Garoupe, Mediterranean Sea;
  • Marina owner is unknown, the managing company is Vauban 21;
  • Yacht length – up to 165 m.
Port Vauban Antibes

An affordable marina in Europe with the throughput capacity of up to 100 yachts per day. The marina is located in one of the world’s most fashionable resort areas but you don’t have to be a billionaire to be able to use it. The service costs are quite reasonable there.

Port Tarraco marina:

  • Costa Dorada, Spain;
  • Marina owner – QATARI DIAR Real Estate via subsidiary company Qatari Diar Marina Tarragona;
  • Yacht length – up to 160 m.

The marina in Europe has 64 piers and it is focused on servicing superyachts and large private marine vessels. Both the technical and the civil infrastructures are well-developed there. Recommendable to the yacht owners whose income is above average. Port Tarraco marina is part of port Tarragona and it welcomes deep-draft yachts. The total area of the harbor is 150,000 m2.

Port Hercule marina:

  • Monaco, French Riviera;
  • Marina owner – Ports de Monaco (presumably, a state company of the Principality of Monaco);
  • Yacht length – up to 135 m.

Port Hercule is the only deep-water marina in the French Riviera. For this reason, it is highly popular with large yacht owners who look for beneficial service conditions and perfect recreational opportunities. A dam 352 meters long provides additional protection to the marina (the approximate weight of the dam is 160 thousand tons). The construction of the 145-meter pier has had little effect on the underwater wildlife. The marina is open around the year and technical conditions to be found there will satisfy the most demanding yacht owners from Europe and elsewhere.  

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Grand Harbour marina:

  • Malta, Mediterranean Sea;
  • Marina owner – Camper & Nicholsons Marina Investments Limited (CNMI);
  • Yacht length – up to 135 m.
Grand Harbour Marina

Grand Harbour Marina can host 26 yachts and it is open around the year. Mostly superyachts dock there but you can occasionally find a 10-meter boat at the marina as well. You can purchase a yearly, seasonal, or one-night docking ticket. The marina is located next to Palumbo, one of the most famous wharfs in Europe, so you are going to have no trouble fixing and/ or servicing your yacht there at all.

Porto Mirabello marina:

  • Italy, coast of the Ligurian Sea;
  • Marina owner – ITN Industrie Turistiche Nautiche SpA;
  • Yacht length – up to 130 m.

One of the best marinas in the Mediterranean and in Europe as a whole for superyachts. The security system is in compliance with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code). The marina can host 380 average size/ large ships at a time or 1,500 small boats and yachts. The pier length is from 12 to 130 meters. The yacht owners will find fantastic conditions for resting comfortably in this region of Europe.

Vilanova Grand marina:

  • Barcelona, Port of Vilanova, Balearic Sea;
  • Marina owner – Pendennis wharf;
  • Yacht length – up to 120 m.

The number of boat berths is only 49 there but the technical equipment of Vilanova Grand Marina makes it one of the most advanced marinas in Europe. The most popular yacht length is within 24 meters while the minimum length of the yacht that the marina can host is 25 meters, which makes it unsuitable for small yacht owners. The fact that the marina is owned by a shipyard company brings additional advantages to it.

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Limassol marina:

  • The southern coast of Cyprus, east of the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Marina owner – Limassol Marina Ltd;
  • Yacht length – up to 110 m.
Limassol Marina

A modern innovative project: the construction work is underway. The entire required infrastructure is readily available, the technical capacities are sufficient, and the personnel is well qualified. The marina in Europe is ready to host both small leisure boats and large yachts. It can be used by ships with a draft of up to 14.5 m.

Marina di Stabia:

  • West coast of Italy, Gulf of Naples, Tyrrhenian Sea;
  • Marina owner – MDL Marina di Stabia;
  • Yacht length – up to 100 m.

One of the best technically equipped marinas in Europe. The total number of piers is 1,400; the maximum yacht draft is 6 meters. All the service and repair facilities are available. The marina is located in a historic area, only a few kilometers away from Pompeii. Marina di Stabia would be the right choice for you if you are fond of historic monuments.

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The most luxurious marinas in Europe

A small yacht owner will often choose the marina where the service charges are affordable. Superyacht owners, however, have other priorities. Many of them buy or rent boat berths in several marinas in Europe and other parts of the world.  

There is another large group of yacht users, namely, wealthy tourists who like to rent yachts and go on pleasure rides when they visit Europe. They are also not worried about the prices very much. Rather, they look for marinas with a high level of personal services, a tourist infrastructure, shops, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities in the vicinity. Below we provide a list of the most luxurious marinas in Europe that should be of interest to those who don’t care about the prices but want the best quality of services and facilities.

Adriano Mallorca, Spain:

  • 488 berths (each from 6 m to 80 m), up to 100 yachts, 9 km from Palma de Mallorca;
  • Marina’s target audience: young wealthy tourists, families with children;
  • Basic marina features: Wi-Fi, all standard yacht repair and maintenance services, parking, 24-hour security;
  • Facilities and services: water entertainment, many bars and restaurants, developed shopping network, one of the best diving centers in Europe Mar Balear. 

Marina di Portofino, Italy:

  • 14 berths in the marina itself + 2 berths for superyachts in Cannon Bay nearby;
  • Marina’s target audience: wealthy tourists who appreciate style, sophistication, elegance, and natural beauty;
  • Basic marina features: swivel crane, Wi-Fi, laundry service, food and beverage delivery, specialty equipment for yachts available;
  • Facilities and services: churches, chic boutiques, art galleries, points of interest for tourists, a developed network of cafes and restaurants, opportunities for outdoor activities. 

Portavadie, Scotland:

  • 230 berths for yachts, vessels up to 21 m in length, no restrictions on maximum draft and tide conditions;
  • Marina’s target audience: lovers of authentic nature, families, foodies, tourists tired of the big city;
  • Basic marina features: fully covered berth, Seaflex high-security fixtures, everything for yacht repair and maintenance, stable power supply, basic facilities, affordable prices, good docking conditions;
  • Facilities and services: water sports and entertainment, sailing schools, places for cozy fishing, cafes and restaurants offering local cuisine, Europe’s most famous bar Loch Fyne Oyster.

Marina Miraggio, Greece:

  • one of the most technologically advanced marinas in Europe, 81 berths, maximum length of yachts – up to 40 m, the actual length of the pier – 110 m;
  • Marina’s target audience: yachtsmen who want to relax away from places with a large number of tourists, families with children, lovers of pristine nature;
  • Basic marina features: RFID card support, Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, advanced yacht maintenance service;
  • Facilities and services: a spa center, a chain of stores, several excellent cafes and restaurants, a hotel, good conditions for sports.

St. Katharine Docks, Great Britain:

  • the marina is located in the heart of London, on the Thames; 170 berths, maximum length of yachts – up to 40 m; in 2017, the marina underwent comprehensive renovation work, so now the docks of St. Catherine’s are among the most modern docks in Europe;
  • Marina’s target audience: urban travel lovers, foodies, shopaholics, and anyone interested in the rich history of England;
  • Basic marina features: standard;
  • Facilities and services: Thanks to the marina’s central location, yacht owners will find access to the full range of entertainment activities offered by the capital of the United Kingdom (Dokke restaurant, The White Mulberries coffee house, Sky Garden public garden, Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, and Ajala Spa are all worth visiting).

ACI Marina Dubrovnik, Croatia:

  • A marina with affordable service prices located on the Adriatic Sea; the area is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site; the marina is one of the best in Europe on the Adriatic; it has from 250 to 450 berths; “flower of tourism” award winner; 140 dry docks; maximum yacht length – 60 m;
  • Marina’s target audience: connoisseurs of restrained luxury, lovers of nature, explorers of ancient monuments, families with children;
  • Basic marina features: hoists (60 and 130 tons), specialty store for yachts, additional services for people with special needs;
  • Facilities and services: Wi-Fi, sports grounds, stores, boutiques, bars, cafes. 

Dart Marina Yacht Harbour, Great Britain:

  • British marina in Dartmouth, 110 boat slots available regardless of the tides, maximum yacht length up to 20 meters;
  • Marina’s target audience: families, couples in love, history buffs, foodies;
  • Basic marina features: Extended technical resources for yacht maintenance, own refueling barge, living conditions standard for Europe;
  • Facilities and services: a developed network of catering establishments of different price ranges, a golf club, several boutiques, art galleries, museums, good conditions for hiking. 

Porto Montenegro, Montenegro:

  • Bay of Kotor, the maximum length of the yacht is practically unlimited (up to 250 m), a total of 450 berths, the bay is protected by UNESCO;
  • Marina’s target audience: wealthy owners of superyachts (it is one of the best ports in Europe);
  • Basic marina features: several mooring options (from 24 hours to 30 years), own fuel dock, customs and immigration offices, clubs (maritime and yacht), RYA / STCW-95 courses, fiber optic Internet, brokerage center for the sale and rental of yachts, charter opportunities;
  • Facilities and services: an elite yacht club (one of the best in Europe), designer – Tino Zervudachi, a fitness center, a lounge area, a huge landscape pool, a chic restaurant, a variety of stores and boutiques, cafes and bars + all the standard facilities.

Port Hercule, Monaco:

  • A classical marina on the French Riviera, 700 berths, the length of the yachts – up to 135 m, several levels of security;
  • Marina’s target audience: wealthy people who own expensive superyachts and who are used to luxury and glamour;
  • Basic marina features: standard (taking into account the requirements and wishes of the target audience and the status of the marina as one of the most expensive marinas in Europe);
  • Facilities and services: everything that is available to wealthy people in the Principality of Monaco.

Marina di Porto Cervo, Italy:

  • Costa Esmeralda in Sardinia is a unique place not only in Italy but in the entire Europe; 700 berths (100 of them operate year round), its own shipyard Cantieri Porto Cervo;
  • Marina’s target audience: wealthy and very wealthy people, lovers of fashionable and expensive resorts, music festivals, and glamorous parties;
  • Basic marina features: will fully meet the needs of guests who are not used to denying themselves anything;
  • Facilities and services: exclusive designer boutiques, several yacht clubs, gourmet restaurants, themed bars, trendy nightclubs, prestigious Pevero golf club, charter.

The most expensive marinas in Europe

Luxurious marinas in Europe offer yacht docking and maintenance services of the highest standards. Besides, the yacht owners can find all sorts of facilities there such as boutiques, brand stores, gourmet restaurants, spa centers, and many other things. The number of ultra-rich superyacht owners is not so great, thus they have a wide choice of options when it comes to finding a nice marina in Europe. The marina administrators are always happy to see old and new clients.

The best-known marinas in Europe for HNWIs and UHNWIs

Below we list the most expensive marinas in Europe. The figures indicate the number of berths suitable for large yachts and the rental price of a berth per day in EUR:

  • Marina Di Capri, Italy – 10 / 2,960;
  • Marina Di Portofino, Italy – 14 / 2,912;
  • Marina Di Porto Cervo, Italy – 60 / 2,565;
  • Ibiza Magna, Spain – 12 / 2,300;
  • Port De Saint Tropez, France – 30 / 2,300;
  • Port Hercule, Monaco – 20 / 1,230;
  • Port de Cannes, France – 60 / 689.

A modern marina in Europe is not simply a place to dock your yacht. There you will find all the yacht service and maintenance facilities as well. Besides, the best marinas in Europe offer a wide range of services to the yacht owners, and a high level of comfort. The prices for berths per day that we have quoted above look impressive indeed but they do not have to be so high, as a matter of fact. There are numerous marinas in Europe that charge much more affordable fees. At the same time, the level of services that you will find at each marina in Europe is at least acceptable and often superb.

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