Why InternationalWealth?

Why you should choose Offshore Pro Group and Internationalwealth.info portal consultants as providers of complex asset protection services and international business establishment and/ or development

Internationalwealth.info portal is part of Offshore Pro Group and it has been working in the offshore industry since 2011 under the editorship of Alexandra Erlanger.

We have more than sixty experts on the staff and we provide the full spectrum of services from registering companies abroad and setting up foreign bank accounts to offering free consultations on asset protection and business internalization.

The key service that we provide is assistance in opening foreign bank accounts including merchant accounts. Offshore Pro Group practices an individual approach to every client. We will find the foreign bank that meets your requirements and that will be satisfied with the set of qualities that you have as a prospective customer. We meticulously analyze the possible options thus ascertaining that our clients can count on long-lasting cooperation with the offshore bank of their choice.

We provide consultations on setting up a personal or a corporate foreign bank account free of charge. Please follow this link if you would like to make use of this opportunity.

Our History

  • 2009 – Offshore Pro Group formation and the launch of offshore-pro.info portal.
  • 2011 – Over two years, Offshore Pro Group had made agreements with a large number of international financial and consultation service providers, which laid the foundation for future work.
  • 2018 – Offshore Pro Group had acquired a large network of international partners and it was working in more than ninety countries of the world. The corporate portal contained over 13,000 articles at that time. Our clients’ requests were becoming more and more diverse and less related to classic offshore jurisdictions. Due to this fact, we launched a new portal with internationalwealth.info as its domain name.

Our values

Offshore Pro Group has several competitive advantages and our clients especially appreciate the following qualities that we possess:

· Company personnel

We are proud to have the lowest staff turnover rate in the industry. From time to time, some of our consultants can go on maternity leaves but they return after a while. We care for the people who work for us and we invest into their personal and professional development.

· Attention to every client and honesty in communication

We provide consultations on our services and these are free of charge and highly detailed. We will talk to you until you develop a full understanding of the product that we are offering. You will know exactly how the offshore facility can be used, how much it costs to purchase it, how much its maintenance is going to cost, how long it will take to establish it, and so on and so forth. If we do not have an answer to your question, we will tell you openly about it and ask you to give us some time to find it out.

· Fast answers

All our consultants are positive thinkers and true professionals. They will honestly answer all your questions without pushing you to buy anything from us. We inform our clients about all changes in the national legislations that appear regularly. When an adaptation of your existing foreign company structure is required due to a recent change in the laws, for example, we will tell you about it immediately. When a new attractive product appears on the market, you will be the first to learn about it from us.

· Client relationships

We always seek to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. When you receive the company registration document package or when your foreign bank account is successfully opened, you do not cease to be our client. We will keep you updated on what is going on in the sphere of your interests and you can always count on our help should you need it at some point in the future.

· Our guarantees

Selling something to everyone who contacts us is not our primary goal. We do not make promises that we know we cannot live up to. We do not claim that we can register a foreign company for you within 24 hours, for example, because it is not possible. If a prospective client asks for the impossible, we will politely explain why it is impossible and refuse to bill him or her. Besides, if we do not understand why you need an offshore company, for example, we are not going to help you register it. We value the good reputation that we have with our international partners and our clients.

However, if we do take you onboard, we give you a 100% guarantee that your foreign company will be registered in the jurisdiction of your choice. If we are unable to give this sort of guarantee, we are going to deny services to you. When we undertake to open a foreign bank account for you, we give you a 99.99% guarantee that the account will be opened in the bank that suits your purposes perfectly well and that meets all your requirements. We do not give a 100% guarantee here because the final decision to open an account rests with the bank and not with us.

· Competitive prices

We are not going to claim that we charge less than anyone else does. Our main goal is to provide services of the highest level of quality rather than sell cheap products. We make offers and put price tags on them. Our prices are competitive and you can rest assured that no hidden additional costs are going to be involved when you buy a product from us.

· Information confidentiality

We have to have a sufficient amount of your personal information and we have to understand your goals and intentions well enough in order to meet our own service quality standards. We realize very well that you would not like any third parties to have access to the information that you share with us. For this reason, we invest every spare dollar or euro into data protection technologies thus providing for a high level of your personal information confidentiality. In addition to that, we will always tell you how secure your personal data are going to be when you set up a foreign bank account or register a company abroad.

We never insist that you should buy something from us. Instead, we give you reliable information that you can use to make the best choices. A subscription to our newsletter will let you follow all the recent events in the offshore industry, the changes in the national legislations, and new bank requirements. We are happy to work with those clients who really need and appreciate our services.

Please help us make the portal even more informative, up-to-date, and valuable for you and your business.

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