Why Choose Offshore Pro Group and InternationalWealth.info Experts for Providing Asset Protection and International Business Development Services?

The InternationalWealth.info website, edited by Alexandra Erlanger, has been actively working in the offshore industry since 2011. It is part of the international group of companies Offshore Pro Group.

Our team of more than 60 employees offers such in-demand services:

  • company registration
  • opening bank accounts
  • conducting paid and free consultations on asset protection, creating an international business, and bringing an existing business to the international level
  • accounting and legal services for foreign companies
  • obtaining a residence permit or permanent residence abroad
  • obtaining citizenship by investment.

Our company’s main direction is opening bank and merchant accounts. Offshore Pro Group uses a unique technology for the individual selection of foreign and offshore bank accounts.

We use a system with a preliminary list of characteristics that should initially be inherent in a potential financial institution client. As a result of such analysis, our clients can be sure of successful and long-term cooperation with the selected bank.

Consultation on selecting a personal and/or corporate bank account is free: proceed to filling out the questionnaire.

Corporate bank account

You can get acquainted with the complete list of our services in the relevant website section: Up-to-date offshore, midshore and onshore services.

Services from professionals of our portal

Our history

  • 2009 – the foundation of Offshore Pro Group and launch of the corporate website offshore-pro.info.
  • 2011 – over two years, Offshore Pro Group entered into cooperation with numerous providers of financial and consulting services. It was the initial stage in creating an international business website with the domain name www.offshorewealth.info.
  • 2018 – Offshore Pro Group, with a developed network of partners, provided services in more than 90 countries worldwide. And the offshorewealth.info website at that time had more than 13,000 articles. Our clients’ requests became more complex and less related to offshore jurisdictions. Thus, in November 2018, it was decided to change the domain name to internationalwealth.info.
  • 2022 – InternationalWealth.info has over 22,000 articles. The geography of our clients is expanding. Information on the website is available in English, Spanish, and Russian. Customer service is available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Our values

So why use the services of Offshore Pro Group and InternationalWealth.info business consultants?

InternationalWealth.info business consultants

Attention to each client and honesty in service

We provide consultations on our products and services free of charge and in great detail. We provide a complete understanding on your part of how to use a specific offshore industry product, its initial cost, annual cost, procedure, and terms of the acquisition. If we do not know something or cannot answer in detail, we ask for additional time and do research, not making the client wait without an answer in the unknown.

Efficiency in responses

Our consultants communicate politely and respond promptly and positively without irritation, confusion, and emergency work. Also, we timely notify our customers and subscribers about the appearance of new products/services and will always warn if the existing structure needs to be improved.

Service quality guarantees

Many of our readers who have already contacted us know we can refuse services. Finding reliable partners abroad who work well and whom we can trust is not easy. And it is not beneficial for us if some of our partners in classic offshore jurisdictions lose their licenses or even end up behind bars in midshore or onshore zones.

Therefore, if we do not understand what an offshore company is for, we refuse to register it. If we accept you as a client for the registration of an offshore or foreign company, then we give a 100% guarantee that this will be done. If we undertake to assist in opening a bank account, then we provide a 99.99% guarantee that the account will be opened in the bank that we have chosen together and is suitable for the purposes you described to us.

Competitive prices

We will not brag about the lowest prices for offshore industry products on the Internet. This is not our goal. Our goal is to build a solid and prosperous business in the long term. Therefore, the cost of our products and services is competitive and contains no hidden fees.

Concern about privacy

We do not have offices in dubious countries, and the situation when the office is robbed, or information about the affairs of our clients is confiscated is simply impossible. Our corporate e-mail addresses are protected, and that is why we offer you communication by e-mail as a default method.

And most importantly, we do not insist on an indispensable purchase of something from us and do not tire customers with unnecessary attention and reminders. We give you the opportunity to follow the latest offshore industry market products and legislative news through a subscription and articles. We are happy to work only with those who really need our services.

Reviews about working with us

In most cases, our clients seek anonymity in public and prefer to recommend us in person or by sending a link to our website.

Therefore, we are incredibly grateful to those who share their opinion about our work.

Explore the offshore services you are interested in and book a consultation at info@offshore-pro.info.

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