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Vanuatu: citizenship by investment, offshore banks, and foreign companies

In this section, the readers of portal can learn about the tax-free jurisdiction of Vanuatu. You can register a foreign company, establish a bank, or acquire economic citizenship within a short period in this country.

In the good old times before the automatic exchange of fiscal information was enforced, Vanuatu positioned itself as zero-tax jurisdiction that did not require the submission of any fiscal reports. For dozens of years Vanuatu was considered an offshore jurisdiction that imposed no rules at all.

Country section - Vanuatu

Naturally, this sort of reputation attracted not only lovers of privacy but also numerous cheats. Unfortunately, some of these cheats were so greedy that they attracted the attention of Australian and New Zealand police. In the times now forgotten, Americans used the Caymans as a tax haven while Australians and New Zealanders used Vanuatu for the same purposes.

However, at the beginning of 1998, New Zealand forced Vanuatu to introduce the VAT that was equal to the VAT in New Zealand. At the same time, over the years the NZ VAT rate has increased considerably, while it still stays at 12.5% in Vanuatu. Besides, there is no corporate tax in the country while this applies to both domestic and foreign companies. Corporations must keep financial records in Vanuatu as well as in any other offshore jurisdiction. As things stand for now, these records do not have to be submitted to the tax authorities though.

I. Offshore industry products in Vanuatu

This section contains descriptions of the products and services that are at least partially related to Vanuatu. Here you can find articles about citizenship of Vanuatu by investment, offshore companies in the country, bank accounts, banking licenses, and security dealer licenses.

II. Citizenship of Vanuatu and a second passport

Everything you wanted to know about citizenship of Vanuatu and a second passport of the country and even a bit more. What do you have to know about acquiring Vanuatu citizenship? What benefits does the passport of Vanuatu bring? We answer these and many other related questions in this section.

III. Offshore companies in Vanuatu

This section is dedicated to establishment of offshore companies in Vanuatu. Is this offshore jurisdiction going to suit you? If yes, what do you have to keep in mind when registering a company in Vanuatu?

Articles about offshore companies in Vanuatu

IV. Banking in Vanuatu: open your own bank

In this section, you can find articles about banking in Vanuatu and establishing a bank of your own in this offshore jurisdiction.

Articles about the banking sector in Vanuatu

V. Vacations in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is not only a tax paradise but also a tourist paradise. Enjoy the wonderful weather, warm water, and fantastic views of Vanuatu!

Articles about vacations in Vanuatu

VI. Conferences, summits, forums, and other events in Vanuatu

Everything about useful and interesting conferences, forums, and other events that take place in Vanuatu or that are dedicated to Vanuatu otherwise.

Articles about conferences in and about Vanuatu

VII. Changes in Vanuatu corporate legislation

In this section, we analyze all the amendments to the Vanuatu corporate legislation introduced by the Government of the country.

Articles about amendments to the Vanuatu corporate legislation

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