Uruguay: life, business, and immigration opportunities

The lifestyle in Uruguay resembles that in Europe more than it does in any other Latin American country. This is a country of friendly people, healthy food, and sunny beaches. You can consider Uruguay for relocation or for establishing a business there. In addition, there are interesting investment opportunities in the country as well as a number of tourist attractions. In this section of our portal, you can find descriptions of our products and services in Uruguay. In particular, we discuss some attractive investment objects in the country.

I. All products and services in Uruguay

This section contains information about all our products and services that have Uruguayan elements. If you do not find the service in Uruguay that you need, please contact our consultants at info@osshore-pro.info.

II. Immigration to Uruguay

How can you acquire a residence permit in the Latin American Switzerland? How can you obtain the passport of the country? These and other related questions are answered in this section.

III. Banks and bank accounts in Uruguay

In this section, we discuss the opportunities to set up personal and corporate bank accounts in Uruguay for residents and non-residents of the country. You can open a bank account there on a personal visit to Uruguay or remotely.

Articles about banks and bank accounts in Uruguay

IV. Real estate in Uruguay

Everything about buying real property in Uruguay: benefits, possible pitfalls, and attractive offers.

V. Vacations and entertainments in Uruguay

Places to see and things to do in Uruguay for entertainment.

Articles about vacations and entertainments in Uruguay

VI. Taxes in Uruguay

Pluses and minuses of the taxation system in Uruguay as well as other tax-related topics.

Articles about taxes in Uruguay

VII. Investments in Uruguay

Please find unusual investment opportunities in Uruguay as well as simple and understandable offers. Choose a secure investment option or a promising one.

Статьи об инвестициях в Уругвай

VIII. Uruguay in the world and in international business

In this section, we discuss the advantages of Uruguay for international business as geographically, the country is placed between the two Americas.

Articles about Uruguay in the world and in international business

IX. Business in Uruguay

In this section, we describe the specifics of registering a company in Uruguay and doing business in the country. Here you can learn what business sectors looks most promising in Uruguay and in what sectors there are special conditions and various Government benefits.

Articles about doing business in Uruguay

X. Company registration in Uruguay

In this section, we discuss the reasons why you should consider registering a company in Uruguay, the stages in the process, and the specifics of establishing companies of different ownership types in the country.

Articles about company registration in Uruguay

XI. Land and arable areas in Uruguay

In this section, we describe the possibilities to make potentially lucrative investments into agricultural lands in Uruguay.

Articles about the possibilities to invest into agricultural lands in Uruguay

XII. Life in Uruguay

In this section, we describe the lifestyle in Uruguay.

XIII. Citizenship of Uruguay

In this section, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a full citizen of Uruguay and the possibilities that the passport of the country brings. We also talk about the responsibilities that Uruguayan citizenship entails.

Articles about acquiring citizenship of Uruguay

XIV. Interesting news from Uruguay

In this section, we cover the news from Uruguay that may be if interest to those foreigners who would like to set up a company in the country or relocate there for life.

Latest news from Uruguay

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