The United States of America: companies, bank accounts, and life in the main offshore jurisdiction and the largest economy in the world

The USA is one of the strongest economies in the whole world. It is the leading economy in many sectors and besides, the USA emits the reserve currency – the US dollar.

It is not surprising that many investors from other parts of the world look for an opportunity to start a business in America or to buy an existing one. Many people would also like to relocate to the USA for good.

Even though officially the USA is an onshore (that is, high-tax) jurisdiction, many international financial experts believe that it is, in fact, the largest offshore jurisdiction in the world where billions and trillions of dollars are secretly kept.

The United States administration supports the international efforts to increase the level of transparency in classic offshore jurisdictions. At the same time, the USA has not signed the multilateral Convention on automatic exchange of fiscal information. This means that the States do not automatically share their foreign residents’ financial information with the authorities of their home countries. Acquiring such information on a direct request is not easy either.

This fact makes the USA a highly attractive jurisdiction for asset protection.

In addition, the legislation of some states still allows establishing offshore companies with zero taxation and a high level of confidentiality. Such legislation can be found in Wyoming, Nevada, Delaware, and some other states.

The United States also remains the banking center of the world. The best part of all transboundary transactions go through the country. Many American banks are large in size and they enjoy high demand on the part of foreign nationals. Some banks in the country do open accounts for non-residents of the USA.

Many people are interested in immigrating to the USA on a business visa or some other visa type. You can acquire an American Green Card or an EB-5 visa and become a full citizen of the United States after some time and under certain conditions.

Here we have to stress that all citizens and legal residents of the USA who live abroad remain tax residents of the Unite States. That means that they have to report their incomes to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) regardless of how long they live in a foreign country.

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I. All products and services related to the USA in this or that way: bank accounts, company registration, immigration, etc.

The articles in this section describe the opportunities to open bank accounts in the United States, register companies there, and acquire visas to the country. We do our best to describe the services in detail hoping that you will be left with few questions after reading the articles.

II. Offshore companies in the USA

The US-registered companies are analyzed in this section and their perspectives are described. Every offshore jurisdiction will have its own special characteristics and the USA is not an exception.

III. The United States of America as a tax haven and an international financial and banking center

As a matter of fact, the USA is a tax haven for non-residents. The country offers a high level of anonymity and a wide spectrum of business opportunities. You have to be aware though that the rules often change in this jurisdiction and we keep track of these changes in this section.

Articles about the USA as a tax haven and an international financial center

IV. The United States of America in the world politics and economy

The USA is the key player in the international arena and many decisions made by the country administration affect other national states. This is what the articles in this section are about. We discuss the American laws that have international effects, the sanctions, the reforms, and their consequences.

Articles about the USA in the world politics and economy

V. Bank accounts in the USA

This section is about American bank accounts and the reserve currency of the US dollar.

VI. Legal residency in the USA and citizenship of the country

Are you thinking of starting a business company in the USA and moving there with your family? Are you after American citizenship? In this section, we talk about acquiring the US Green Cards, about business immigration to the USA, and about obtaining visas to the country.

VII. Real property in the USA

In this section, we discuss buying and selling real property in the United States.

Articles about real property in the USA

VIII. US taxes and tax agreements

The US tax legislation is one of the most complicated such legislations in the world. The number of international tax-related agreement that the country makes is also growing. In this section, we discuss the specifics of the taxation system in the USA.

Articles about US taxes and tax agreements

IX. Life in the USA

This section is about living in the USA, about the lifestyles and freedoms to be found in one of the richest countries of the world.

Articles about living in the USA

X. Business license acquisition in the USA

In this section, we discuss the issue of acquiring various types of business licenses for the companies that are registered in the United States. Among other things, we talk about obtaining a financial service license in the country.

Articles about acquiring various types of business licenses in the USA

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