Ukraine: companies and bank accounts in the country

Ukraine is the second largest European state. The country’s economy is based on manufacturing of goods, provision of services, and agricultural production.

The economic situation in the country has been worsening over the last few decades but some sectors or economy are growing in Ukraine. This can be said about the IT sector in particular.

In addition, the metal processing business, engine construction, and grain and vegetable cultivation are on the rise.

Ukrainian specialists have reliable expertise that they offer at competitive costs (on the European scale).

In this section, you can find information about the possibilities to establish business companies in Ukraine and open bank accounts there.

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I. Products and services in Ukraine

Here we describe all our products and services available in Ukraine to non-residents of the country.

Articles about products and services in Ukraine

II. Starting a company in Ukraine and doing business there

In this section, we discuss how to establish a business company in Ukraine, how to carry out business operations in the country, what possible obstacles you may face, how you can use your Ukrainian-registered company in your offshore business structure, and so on. We also cover the news related to business in Ukraine.

Articles about companies and business in Ukraine

III. Banks and banking industry in Ukraine

Where Ukrainian banks stand, what banking-related legislation is passed in the country, what you should expect from the National Bank – these are the topics covered in this section.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Ukraine

IV. Ukrainian taxes and tax agreements

Here we discuss the tax-related agreements that the country has signed with other national states as well as the taxation policies in Ukraine.

Articles about Ukrainian taxes and tax agreements

V. Events in Ukraine

Interesting and informative conferences, seminars, and meetings in Ukraine on business-related topics; events for business people in other countries on Ukraine-related topics.

Articles about events in Ukraine

VI. De-offshorization efforts in Ukraine

Articles about de-offshorization in Ukraine

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