Turkey: citizenship by investment, company registration, and bank accounts

Turkey is a vibrantly developing country located between Europe and Asia.

Recently, Turkey has launched a citizenship-by-investment program and now foreign nationals can become citizens of the country via purchasing real estate there.

Here we discuss the offshore products and services available in Turkey. If you would like to learn more about the country, please contact us at info@offshore-pro.info.

I. Products and services in Turkey

We have a variety of different products and services in Turkey that we can offer. We would be happy to assist you with company registration in the country and with the acquisition of its citizenship in exchange for an investment. We provide legal and accounting support to the companies registered in Turkey. We know about the Government programs in the country aimed at attracting foreign investors. With our assistance, you can find out how to set up a company in a Free Economic Zone in Turkey, how to buy a shelf company there, how to hire personnel in the country, how to advertise you products and services there, and so on and so forth. This section contains all the articles about our Turkish products and services.

II. Turkish taxes and tax agreements

Turkey has made several agreements on avoidance of double taxation. There is also tax legislation in the country that defines what taxes are payable by resident and non-resident businesses there. In this section, you can find information about taxes and customs duties in Turkey including the VAT, dividend tax, wealth tax, state duties, land tax, property tax, as well as tax reductions available in Free Economic Zones. What tax benefits do foreign investors enjoy in Turkey? How can a foreign entrepreneur obtain a 100% tax cut in the country? We answer these and other tax-related questions in this section.

Articles about Turkish taxes and tax agreements

III. Citizenship of Turkey by investment

This section is about acquiring Turkish citizenship. We publish official information pertaining to this opportunity and provide guideline for those who would like to become citizens of Turkey.

Who is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship? What documents are required? What agency should you apply to? Does Turkey allow dual citizenship? How much money do you have to invest into real property in the country in order to qualify for its citizenship? What privileges does the Turkish citizen status bring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Turkey? You can find the answers to these and other similar questions in this section. You can also contact us directly at the address specified above.

Articles about citizenship of Turkey by investment

IV. Turkey: useful news and important events

This section is dedicated to the latest changes in the Turkish politics and economy, both at the local and the global levels. Here you can find information about new laws passed in the country, the position of Turkey in the international arena, the cooperation processes between Turkey and the EU, the country’s progress towards joining the Union, and so on.

Articles about important events in Turkey and latest news from the jurisdiction

V. Conferences and other events in Turkey

This section contains information about past and upcoming business, immigration, and investment conferences that are related to Turkey in this or that way. Is Turkey going to be recognized an offshore jurisdiction? Is the use of cryptocurrencies legal in the country? Is Turkey going to become part of the EU one day? Please find out here.

Articles about conferences and other similar events in Turkey

VI. Company registration in Turkey

In this section, we describe the specifics of registering a business company in Turkey. We talk about the process, the necessary documents, and other issues related to registering a company in the country. When can you avoid paying a visit to Turkey if you want to set up a company there? What do you have to know prior to starting the process? Please find the answers to these and many other related questions in the articles found in this section.

Articles about the specifics of company registration in Turkey

VII. Real estate in Turkey

In this section, we discuss buying real property in Turkey for different purposes: for living, for business, or for reselling it at a later point in time. How and where in Turkey can you buy a house or an apartment? How much do you have to invest in order to qualify for Turkish citizenship? How much does elite real property cost in the country and can you purchase it without visiting Turkey? Should you buy property at the coast of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Marmara Sea, or the Aegean Sea? How much would it cost in each case? Please find the most attractive offers from our Turkish partners in this section.

Articles about real estate in Turkey

VIII. Non-resident bank accounts in Turkey

How can a non-resident of Turkey set up a bank account in the country? How can you open a corporate account there? Here you can find information about banking in Turkey: banking services for individuals and corporations, local and foreign.

Articles about banking in Turkey


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