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Turkey: citizenship by investment, company registration, and bank accounts

Turkey is a vibrantly developing country located between Europe and Asia.

Recently, Turkey has launched a citizenship-by-investment program and now foreign nationals can become citizens of the country via purchasing real estate there.

Country section - Turkey

Here we discuss the offshore products and services available in Turkey. If you would like to learn more about the country, please contact us at [email protected].

I. Products and services in Turkey

We have a variety of different products and services in Turkey that we can offer. We would be happy to assist you with company registration in the country and with the acquisition of its citizenship in exchange for an investment. We provide legal and accounting support to the companies registered in Turkey. We know about the Government programs in the country aimed at attracting foreign investors. With our assistance, you can find out how to set up a company in a Free Economic Zone in Turkey, how to buy a shelf company there, how to hire personnel in the country, how to advertise you products and services there, and so on and so forth. This section contains all the articles about our Turkish products and services.

Articles about products and services in Turkey

Investing in Paradise: Exploring Turkish Real Estate in Antalya and Istanbul – from 149,000 USD

Affordable Housing in Turkey: from Apartments in the Region of Antalya to Bodrum Villas – from 205 621 USD

Exclusive Real Estate in Istanbul for Investment and Turkish Citizenship – from 107,051 USD

Apartments in Bursa, Turkey for skiing fans and sea lovers – from 76 000 USD

5 Real Estate Options for Turkish Citizenship by Investment in 2024 – from 455 185 USD

Buy apartments in Turkey: top 5 real estate projects for obtaining citizenship – from 275 000 USD

Apartments for Sale in the Best Districts of Istanbul – from 168 000 USD

Luxury apartments in Alanya in the Avsallar District – from 142 000 EUR

Apartments in Altıntaş, Antalya in installments at a competitive price – from 147 000 EUR

Villas in sunny Antalya with smart home systems, furnishings, and solar panels – from 1 600 000 EUR

Be among the first to buy an apartment in Antalya under the Turkish residence permit program – from 165 000 EUR

Alanya: Luxury Apartments in Avsallar Hills – от 97 500 EUR

Real Estate in Turkey’s Largest City: Contemporary Apartments and Luxury Villas in Istanbul – from 135,000 USD

Avsallar Garden Apartments in Alanya: Your Path to Turkish Residency – from 81 250 EUR

Inexpensive apartments in Istanbul with sea views in Riviera Halic, Beyoğlu – $220,000 – $538,000

Luxury apartments in New Istanbul at a budget price – the first step to Turkish citizenship -$296,000 – $870,000

Anemone Garden: Luxury Apartments in Alanya on the Mediterranean Coast – from 99 000 EUR

Luxury Real Estate in the Best Turkish Resort Towns: Buying Villas and Apartments in Antalya and Alanya – from 167,400 USD

Exquisite Villas and Prestigious Apartments by the Aegean Sea in Turkey: Invest in Turkish Properties in Bodrum – from 468000 USD

Real Estate Investments in Mersin, Turkey: Modern Apartments in Lavender Residence – from 53,000 USD

Luminous Boulevard in Alanya: Luxury Real Estate in a Picturesque District by the Sea – $103.000 – $263.190

Coastal Empire Residential Complex in Bodrum, Muğla: Luxury Villas Overlooking the Sea – from $951,638

Invest in Turkish Citizenship: Apartments in Solis Cityscape, Izmir – from 490,000 USD

Apartments in Solis Elite Residential Complex (Bornova, Izmir) to Qualify for a Turkish Residence Permit – $277,458 – $305,104

Magnificas Villas in Istanbul: Luxury and Comfort for Wealthy Investors – $1,080,000 – $1,700,000

Apartments in Solis Skyline Residential Complex in the Bornova District of Izmir at an Attractive Price – $173,000 – $305,104

Apartments in Petra Premium Residential Complex on the Shore of the Turkish Straits: Purchase One to Qualify for Citizenship of Turkey – $268.000 – $935.000

Buy an Apartment in the European District of Istanbul and Qualify for Turkish Citizenship – $236,000 – $622,875

Buy Exclusive Villas in Döşemealtı, Antalya to Obtain Citizenship – from 752000 USD

Purchase a Villa in Yalikavak, Bodrum to Qualify for Citizenship of Turkey – $1,526,000 – $2,723,915

Villas in Tekirdaǧ (Istanbul Suburb), a Seismically Quiet District on the Sea Coast – $576,000 – $960,000

Purchase Seaside Villas and Estates in Blue Cove Residential Complex in Yalıkavak, Turkey – $1,526,000 – $2,723,915

Wave Dance Bodrum, Muğla: Elite Business Villas For Business Meetings And Private Life – $2,723,915 – $5,447,832

Elite Villas in Antalya’s Mountains and the Right to Turkish Citizenship – from $876 000

Purchase Apartments in Aksu, Antalya from Developer to Qualify for Turkish Residency Program – $95,000 – $168,024

Apartment in Opulent Heights, Antalya – Investment Benefit and Access to a Residence Permit in Turkey – $142,000 – $268,338

Celeste AcIbadem Complex in the Asian Part of Istanbul – the Best Choice by the Sum of Properties – from 428,000 USD

World D Maltepe Residential Complex in Istanbul’s Maltepe District – a Paradise for Fans of City Life – from 215,000 USD

Royal Mansion Residential Complex in Beylikdüzü – a Privileged Investment Project – from 161,000 USD

Flavor of the City Complex in Istanbul, Kâğıthane District – Prestige and High Investment Appeal – form 438,000 USD

Swallow of the City Residential Complex in the European Part of Istanbul: The Best Medium-Budget Investment Option – from 93000 USD

High-end property by Döşemealtı for asset protection and citizenship by investment purposes – from 710 000 EUR

Opportunities for real estate investors willing to buy the 5-star Side hotel – from 42 000 000 EUR

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey for Lux Antalya Villa Buyers – from 710 000 EUR

International Business in Turkey – Seaside Citrus Orchard – from 6 000 000 EUR

Investment in Turkey. Antalya State Lands to Earn Profit above 100% – from 25 000 000 EUR

Purchase Real Estate in Turkey to Become Citizen: Five-Floor Villa Overlooking Sea – from 3 990 000 EUR

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey for Antalya High-End Villa Buyers – from 625 000 EUR

Business in Turkey: New Antalya Business Center – from 15 000 000 EUR

Real Estate Investment in Alanya Peninsula, Turkey, with Construction Permit Available – from 4 000 000 EUR

Real Estate Investment in Turkey – Exclusive Antalya Land Plot – from 10 000 000 EUR

Real Estate in Turkey – High-End Offices for You in Downtown Antalya – from 2 000 000 EUR

Real Estate in Turkey – Potentially Profitable Land Plot in Prestigious Area Awaits You – from 10 000 000 EUR

How to Invest in Turkish Real Estate and Get Ownership of Exclusive Mersin Peninsula – from 20 000 000 EUR

Set Up a Limited Company in Istanbul with a Business Bank Account in Turkey – from 4200 USD

Real Estate in Turkey – Orchard Ranch to Start Your Business – from 1 850 000 EUR

Citizenship by Investment in Turkey for Piyalepaşa Istanbul Real Estate Buyers – from 3 000 000 TRY

Real Estate in Bodrum – Make All Your Wishes Come True in Bomo Suites Residence – from 159000 USD

Purchase Real Estate in Turkey: Adabükü Homes – from 146 500 EUR

Set Up a Limited Company in Antalya with a Bank Account – from 3700 USD

Top Istanbul Real Estate for You in West Blocks – from 1.480.000 TRY

Business Registration in Antalya (Turkey) – from 4500 USD

Purchase Istanbul Real Estate in Alize Kapadokya –  from 1 430 000 TRY

Avangart Istanbul – Get Lux Apartments and Live Your Dream in Turkish Capital – from 1.790.000 TRY

Avcilar Garden Real Estate – Premier Property Choice in Istanbul – from 1,120,000 TRY

Your Future Apartment is Awaiting You in Istanbul Seyrantepe Project – from 1.208.000 TRY

Invest in Istanbul Real Estate in Tor Beylikdüzü Apartment Complex – from 641 267 TRY

Purchasing Istanbul Real Estate in Kâğıthane Project – from 729000 TRY

Purchasing Properties in Istanbul Dünya Şehir Kartal Apartment Complex – from 810000 TRY

Registration of a JSC in Istanbul with the Opening of a Bank Account – from 11000 USD

Company Registration in Ankara, Turkey – from 2750 USD

Purchase Istanbul Real Estate in Arena Nüans Apartment Complex – from 731.5 тыс. TRY

Commercial Real Estate in Turkey – Get Yourself Istanbul Office in Deluxia Park Business Project – from 160 000 ЕUR

Residence Permits and Turkish Citizenship for Investors in Prestigious Antalya Apartments – from 392000 EUR

Set Up a Limited Company in Turkey in 2022 – from 9500 EUR

Company Registration in Istanbul, Turkey – от 3200 USD

Purchase Istanbul Apartment in Radisson Blu Residence – from 278 000 USD

Real Estate in Turkey – Get Your Istanbul Apartment in Deluxia Park Residence – from 169 070 USD

Buy Residences in Turkey – Unique Offers – from 50 336 USD

Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey to Meet Your Every Need – from 97 000 USD

Appealing and Reasonably Priced Apartments in Antalya – from 54 048 USD

Invest in Posh and Luxury Istanbul Apartments in Turkey – from 57000 USD

Elite Magalie Ataköy Apartment in Istanbul is Calling Your Name – from 489 000 USD

Set Up an LLC in Izmir, Turkey in 5 Days – from 4500 USD

Residential or Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul Hotel Concept with Rental Guarantee Project – from 116391 USD

Comfortable EVIN PARK Apartments in Istanbul, Turkey – from 175 150 USD

Purchase Yücel Park Apartment for Happy Ever After in Turkey – from 131 440 USD

Registration of an LLC in the Free Economic Zone of Antalya – from 8800 USD

Get Aegean Star Didim Apartment in Turkey at Bargain Price – from 104 000 USD

Nacre Houses – Your Wise Real Estate Investment in Turkey – from 48000 USD

Seasaw Blue Furnished Apartments in Istanbul – Your Right for Turkish Citizenship – from 382 000 USD

Get Apartments in Laila Island or Lapis Square Apartment Complexes – from 55900 USD

Registration of a CJSC with Hidden Beneficial Owner + Issuance of Bearer Shares in Turkey – from 6500 USD

Luxury Apartments for Sale in Prestigious Grandeur Heights Apartment Complex – from 139000 USD

Felicia Park and Lace Serene Residences as Smart Investment Decision – from 275 USD per square meter

Night Star Tower Apartments – Your Ideal Properties to Invest In – from 180000 USD

Limited Company Registration on a Turnkey Basis in Ankara in 2022 – from 3300 USD

Business Plan for Companies in Turkey – from 4500 USD

Northern Star Residences – Enjoy Living and Working in Same Location – from 488000 USD

Live Your Dream — Purchase Luxury Ottoman Panorama Apartment – from 792000 USD

Purchase Your Luxury Park Beau Apartment in Istanbul, Turkey – от 98000 USD

Park Essence Apartment Complex: Luxury Offer for investors in Istanbul, Turkey – from 86000 USD

Blue Rhapsody – Huge Bargain for Real Estate Investors – from 85000 USD

Register a Joint Stock Company in Turkey – from 3999 USD

Park Jade Avenue Apartment Complex in Istanbul, Turkey – from 146000 USD

Copper Land Real Estate Project in Istanbul – from 98000 USD

Lush Sky Residences in Istanbul, Turkey – 890000 USD

High-Quality Apartments in Sevenhills – from 530000 USD

Register an LLC in Bursa, Adana, Mersin (Turkey) in 3 to 5 days – from 3800 USD

Set Up a Company in Izmir, Turkey in 5 Days – from 3800 USD

Uptown Height Family Apartments for Investors in Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey – from 250000 USD

Open a Bank Account for Legal Entity in Turkey Remotely – from 3800 USD

Open a Bank Account in Turkey for a Non-Resident Private Person-from 3800 USD

Open a Personal Bank Account in Turkey Remotely from 3 999 USD

Purchase an Apartment in Gülpark Yuvam Projesi Residential Complex in Istanbul – from 1 355 000 TRY

Purchase an Apartment in İstanbul Panorama Evleri Residential Complex, Turkey – from 1 200 000 TRY

Purchase an Apartment in Seba Suites, Istanbul – from 1 200 000 TRY

Purchase an Apartment in the Roya Nova Residential Complex in Istanbul, Turkey – from 765 000 TRY

Real property for sale in Istanbul: G Wanda Vista complex – from 310 000 USD

Purchase an Apartment in Ritz-Carlton Residences Istanbul – from 944 000 USD

Purchase an apartment in JB Panorama complex, Istanbul – from 0,77 mln. TRY

Special Offer: Turkey Remote Company Registration with Turkish Bank Account – from 9550 EUR

Remote Turkish Company Incorporation with a Turkish Business Bank Account Set-Up – from 5 000 USD

Set Up a Corporate Account in Turkey Remotely for a Turkish Company – from 4 999 USD

Citizenship of Turkey by investment – from 400000 USD

II. Turkish taxes and tax agreements

Turkey has made several agreements on avoidance of double taxation. There is also tax legislation in the country that defines what taxes are payable by resident and non-resident businesses there. In this section, you can find information about taxes and customs duties in Turkey including the VAT, dividend tax, wealth tax, state duties, land tax, property tax, as well as tax reductions available in Free Economic Zones. What tax benefits do foreign investors enjoy in Turkey? How can a foreign entrepreneur obtain a 100% tax cut in the country? We answer these and other tax-related questions in this section.

III. Citizenship of Turkey by investment

This section is about acquiring Turkish citizenship. We publish official information pertaining to this opportunity and provide guideline for those who would like to become citizens of Turkey.

Who is entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship? What documents are required? What agency should you apply to? Does Turkey allow dual citizenship? How much money do you have to invest into real property in the country in order to qualify for its citizenship? What privileges does the Turkish citizen status bring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of residing in Turkey? You can find the answers to these and other similar questions in this section. You can also contact us directly at the address specified above.

IV. Turkey: useful news and important events

This section is dedicated to the latest changes in the Turkish politics and economy, both at the local and the global levels. Here you can find information about new laws passed in the country, the position of Turkey in the international arena, the cooperation processes between Turkey and the EU, the country’s progress towards joining the Union, and so on.

V. Conferences and other events in Turkey

This section contains information about past and upcoming business, immigration, and investment conferences that are related to Turkey in this or that way. Is Turkey going to be recognized an offshore jurisdiction? Is the use of cryptocurrencies legal in the country? Is Turkey going to become part of the EU one day? Please find out here.

Articles about conferences and other similar events in Turkey

VI. Company registration in Turkey

In this section, we describe the specifics of registering a business company in Turkey. We talk about the process, the necessary documents, and other issues related to registering a company in the country. When can you avoid paying a visit to Turkey if you want to set up a company there? What do you have to know prior to starting the process? Please find the answers to these and many other related questions in the articles found in this section.

Articles about the specifics of company registration in Turkey

VII. Real estate in Turkey

In this section, we discuss buying real property in Turkey for different purposes: for living, for business, or for reselling it at a later point in time. How and where in Turkey can you buy a house or an apartment? How much do you have to invest in order to qualify for Turkish citizenship? How much does elite real property cost in the country and can you purchase it without visiting Turkey? Should you buy property at the coast of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Marmara Sea, or the Aegean Sea? How much would it cost in each case? Please find the most attractive offers from our Turkish partners in this section.

VIII. Non-resident bank accounts in Turkey

How can a non-resident of Turkey set up a bank account in the country? How can you open a corporate account there? Here you can find information about banking in Turkey: banking services for individuals and corporations, local and foreign.

Articles about banking in Turkey

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