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Switzerland: purchase and storage of gold, company registration, and trust establishment in the country

Everybody will have heard about Swiss banks that are presumably only for millionaires. From this section, you will learn that having a bank account in Switzerland is not accessible only to millionaires. You will also find out how to set up a numbered account with a Swiss bank and acquire an anonymous pay card that you can use in the ATMS, offline, and online stores. You will learn that apart from Rolex, Switzerland also makes Dutch clocks (those that have cuckoos popping out of them). Here we will discuss how Switzerland is dissimilar to the EU countries. We will watch its fight against the pressure from the USA and the EU authorities applied in different areas such as banking and corporate privacy, immigration, taxation of wealthy residents in Switzerland, and so on. We will show how common people live in Switzerland and what life millionaires and billionaires lead there.

Country section - Switzerland

I. Onshore industry products in Switzerland

This section contains the descriptions of all our products and services that have at least one Swiss element. It can be a Swiss-registered company, a bank account, a gold storage facility that is not a bank but that is registered in Switzerland. Here we discuss the opportunities to set up bank accounts in the country via the Internet without a personal visit to the country. We also mention the banks in Switzerland that require modest initial deposits of a few thousand francs rather than a few hundred thousand francs, which is more typical of Swiss banks.

II. Everything about registering a company in Switzerland

In this section, we discuss the issues related to registering business companies in different Swiss cantons. We talk about the advantages that certain cantons offer as well as about the costs involved in setting up and maintaining companies in Switzerland. Here we also discuss the banking privacy issue and the methods of acquiring economic substance for a Swiss-registered company. In particular, we talk about renting and buying office space in Switzerland and hiring company personnel in Switzerland or in another country.

III. Swiss banks and banking industry in Switzerland

In this section, we discuss numbered accounts in Swiss banks and anonymous pay cards that can still technically be acquired in Switzerland. However, this is not all that we are talking about here. We also speak about the scandals that some large Swiss banks have been involved in, about their reasons, and about their consequences for individual banks and for the banking industry in Switzerland as a whole. We try to steer you to considering smaller Swiss banks with high liquidity and internationally diverse clientele.

IV. Immigration to Switzerland

This section does good service to those readers who have seen outdated information in the Internet about the ease of relocating to Switzerland. If you think that acquiring a second passport is simple in the country, you will find that the articles here are eye opening. Nevertheless, immigration to Switzerland is still possible even though difficult and we discuss the regulations and the requirements that different cantons in Switzerland put forward to the new immigrants and/ or legal residents in the country.

V. Taxes in Switzerland

Notwithstanding the international pressure, Switzerland remains an attractive jurisdiction from the viewpoint of the taxation system that is applied there. At the same time, each canton is attractive to a different degree. Here we discuss the personal and corporate tax benefits to be found in every canton in Switzerland.

VI. Business in Switzerland

In this section, we talk about the specifics of doing business in each of the Swiss cantons.

Articles about local business standards in Switzerland

VII. Switzerland in the offshore world and in the international arena

In this section, we compare Switzerland with other jurisdictions that are popular among international business people. We look at the international ratings that the country enjoys. We analyze the popularity of Switzerland in the age of de-offshorization.

Articles about the position of Switzerland in the international business world

VIII. Purchase and storage of precious metals in Switzerland

In this section, we discuss the benefits that come with purchasing gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals in Switzerland and storing them at special facilities that are independent from banks but that are controlled financial institutions in the country anyway.

Articles about purchase and storage of physical precious metals in Switzerland

IX. Investments in Switzerland

In this section, we discuss the matters that you should know about when considering buying Swiss francs for capital diversification. We also talk about the local businesses in Switzerland where you can invest as well as the investment products, services, and solutions offered by Swiss banks.

Articles about investment opportunities in Switzerland

X. Employment in Switzerland

This section is for those who would like to find a job in Switzerland and for those who would like to hire personnel for their Swiss-based companies (local personnel or foreign personnel).

Articles about employment opportunities in Switzerland

XI. News from Switzerland

This section covers the news from Switzerland that affects the country’s well-being or its role in the offshore world. We discuss the news of interest to immigrants in Switzerland, business owners in the country, and fund founders there.

Swiss news related to international business issues

XII. Swiss agreements on exchange of fiscal information

In this section, we discuss the double taxation avoidance agreements that Switzerland has made and the fiscal information exchange agreements that the country has signed. Please follow the articles in this section to find out about new such agreements being made.

Articles about Swiss double taxation avoidance agreements and fiscal information exchange agreements

XIII. Real property in Switzerland

In this section, we describe the pieces of real estate in Switzerland where you can invest whether you want to diversify your assets or find a place of abode in the country.

Articles about Swiss real estate

XIV. Conferences in Switzerland and about Switzerland

In this section, we inform the readers about the conferences and other events in Switzerland that may be of professional interest to international investors. If a conference is held in a different country but it concerns Switzerland in some respect, we also mention it here.

Articles about business-related conferences in Switzerland and about Switzerland

XV. Retire to Switzerland

The articles published in this section provide some good reasons to relocate to Switzerland after you retire.

Articles about retiring to Switzerland

XVI. Trusts and funds in Switzerland

In this section, we discuss the Swiss legislation that regulates the formation of trusts and funds in the county. Here we also follow all the amendments to the legislation that are put into effect.

Articles about registering and managing trusts and funds in Switzerland.

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