Sweden: company registration, private funds, and business immigration to the country

Sweden is a Scandinavian country that is enviably stable both politically and economically. This attracts investors from all around the world to the country. You can establish a business company in Sweden and use all the extensive opportunities that can be found there.

You can also consider relocating to Sweden especially with the view of the fact that the task of setting up a company in the country can be combined with the task of immigrating there.

In this section, you can find diverse information about Sweden that we hope will be of interest to you. If any questions arise after you have read the articles, please contact us at info@offshore-pro.info and we will answer them.

I. Products and services in Sweden

This section contains articles about all our products that have Swedish elements.

Articles about our products and services in Sweden

II. Company registration in Sweden

Why is Sweden the optimal country for a financial startup? Is information about company beneficiaries disclosed to third parties? What are the reasons to establish a holding in Sweden? We answer these and other suchlike questions in this section.

Articles about company registration in Sweden

III. Banks and banking industry in Sweden

Here you can find materials about Swedish banks. Many of them are among the most secure banks of the world.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Sweden

IV. Swedish taxes and tax agreements

Everything about Swedish taxes and tax-related agreements in one place. Did you know that taxes can be paid in Bitcoins in Sweden?

Articles about Swedish taxes and tax agreements

V. Sweden as an international financial and business center

Sweden is one of the international financial and business centers of the world. What special characteristics does the country have? Please find out here.

Articles about Sweden as an international financial and business center

VI. Immigration to Sweden

How can you acquire legal residency in Sweden and full citizenship of the country? Find out in this section.

Articles about relocation and immigration to Sweden

VII. Interesting facts about Sweden

Curious, exciting, and entertaining facts about Sweden.

Articles with interesting facts about Sweden

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