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Start an Online Bank, Get the Right Software

The idea to start online bank operations is much more than a great business pitch this year. Going entirely or nearly entirely digital is both a survival tool as well as a challenge for many providers, clients of retail services, corporate banking customers. 

Whether you are planning to re-engineer an existing business model or start a new financial institution, digitization may involve a sweeping transformation of your modus operandi. But this transition can be reasonably harmonious and rewarding if you have the right tools. 

Online Bank

You could hire a software designer, or try to develop it yourself, but there is a less costly, less risky, faster, much more robust strategy. 

Our Offshore Pro Group experts offer to discuss your needs, ambitions, concerns, Moreover, they are ready to provide professional fee-based solutions that will help you make a faster leap to the digital banker status. 

One of such solutions is our offer to deliver plus install for you a proven cost-effective software product which is easy to customize, even brand as you wish. 

Your clients will appreciate the new online generation of your classic banking services, including accounts, SEPA transfers, payment cards, mortgages, loans, investments, etc. 

Your online bank can eventually quickly build a hub for many advanced web products or services integrated with travel, insurance, e-commerce, crypto-related businesses, other fields that a brick-and-mortar bank would hardly dare to chart.

The recommended software can help you cut all corners in the technical re-railing of your operations on the web, while you save time, means, efforts for meaningful things that need your specific attention, financial competence, vision. 

You are welcome to send us your immediate questions with  your order – in the chat, or to our email address given at the top of this page. 

Remote / online / virtual / e-banking / web-based / internet / digital banking – faster, smarter, safer 

Internet-based banking is a win-win for all.

Advantages for bankers

  • E-banking reduces paper-based activities, enhances data management
  • Online accounts and mobile apps is a safe way to keep your team reasonably small, yet earning your bank decent returns
  • Virtual offices are more cost-effective than brick-and-mortar premises 
  • User-friendly web tools improve the customer experience, as well as your reputation, geography, prospects 
  • Even small banks can take good chunks of national or international markets if they understand the customers’ needs, particularly in times of quarantine, social distancing, travel restrictions.
  • The KYC, AML, and risk assessments objectives are easier attainable with access to databases and search engines.
  • Internet banking drives new fintech products launching, so the extension to other business fields (e-commerce, social networks, ridesharing, food delivery, education, entertainment, etc.) is virtually unlimited.

Advantages for clients:

  • Easy-to-use computer-based or mobile applications are accessible anytime anywhere – from home, on transport, at a café, during a sporting event, wherever the internet connection is available.
  • Timely assistance of personal consultants through instant message exchanges right in the personal virtual office makes clients’ life easier, not harder.
  • Banking online is faster, so customers’ time management is more effective.  
  • Once a client has become an owner of an online bank account, the horizons of one’s financial management, the menu of services, history, or reports are at one’s fingertips. 
  • Remote banking is safe as its smart interface knows how to recognize the client, detect wrongdoers, take measures, send immediate alerts. 

Real high-grade banks take every effort to safeguard the growth of their clients’ assets. The quality of online bank software is the guarantee of their safety and security. However, you do not have to order unique sophisticated state-of-the-art programs or develop them by yourself to be sure they are exclusive. Besides, their elaboration can take months if not years, cost a fortune, be prone to mistakes.  

The refined software recommended by our experts has gone through multiple beta tests, revisions, corrections. Many of our customers have already built on its basis their successful business brands, much to their satisfaction, even pride. 

This software is the so-called ‘white label’ product, i.e. this off-the-shelf product can be adjusted to your parameters, be branded as your own. 

 Parameters of the best digital banking software

The best software must meet all the needs of online banking:

  • Integrity plus modality of all primary services of the bank
  • Mobile apps, contactless payment, virtual office, video calls, instant service, other modern conveniences
  • Technical reliability, support, maintenance continuity 
  • Software adaptability, updates, ability to self-learning, upgrading
  • Safety and security
  • Signature design, brand ownership.

This is exactly what we offer you:

 – a turnkey solution driving services that can be immediately rendered to your customers

– the crucial technical maintenance, ongoing support taken care of by the software provider

– the White Label purchase, i.e. the ready-to-use software with customizable features, your signature design, so no party will ever guess that you use a third-party product.

Functions integrated into this product for customer satisfaction:

  • Money transfer processing
  • Instant SEPA payments
  • Currency exchange
  • Account management
  • Opening of personal/corporate accounts
  • Issue of Visa / MasterCard payment cards
  • Mobile applications for Android /  iOS

Functions integrated into this product for your satisfaction:

  • White Label allowing to tailor the interface design to match your signature style, with absolutely no reference to other brands
  • Issue of IBANs, its ongoing maintenance
  • Multilingual interface
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • SEPA and SWIFT transfers
  • A separate interface for your back office
  • Multicurrency accounts
  • AML/KYC and sanctions clearance
  • PCI DSS Certified
  • PSD2 & GDPR compliance.

This solution is available for e-banks, electronic wallets, cash management accounts, other purposes. 

Documents required for the online banking software installation

  1. A valid banking license or any other accreditation of your financial institution (if you, for example, develop an interface for e-wallets).

If you do not have such a license, please let us know. We’ll help you obtain it. 

  1. Corporate documents:
  • Documents relating to the incorporation, ownership, or management of your entity
  • Company owners’ and directors’ IDs/passports
  • Proof of residence address for company owners and directors
  • Financial license (because the availability of certain modules depends on its submission)
  • In some cases, you will need to submit proof of the legal origin of your assets.

Please refer to our experts for more details.

Installation and maintenance costs

The fee for the installation plus launch of the platform is 22 000 EUR.

This fee covers:

  • Prepping of the hardware and software
  • Customer clearance
  • Regular control, reporting
  • Issue of cards, currency exchange, local and international transactions.

Precise customization of the design and technical elements for your brand will be paid separately, based on an hourly payment.

After installation, you will need to pay a monthly service fee. It is computed based on the number of active bills, but the amount cannot be less than 7000 EUR per month.

How to install the software to start your e-bank?

  1. After you have decided to set up your online bank, you are welcome to contact our experts (see the e-address at the top of this page, please).
  2. Provide the details of your business idea to our expert so that we could prepare a proposal meeting your needs, wishes, plans.
  3.  Pay the software installation fee starting at 22 000 EUR.
  4. Provide a complete set of the required corporate documents, as well as the access to the equipment so that the experts could connect you to the system.
  5. You can start opening accounts for your customers.
  6. Your remote banking business is not a remote possibility any longer.

Your great online banking story is about to begin, so just do it – contact us right now, tell us about your plans. Let your future success start today.  

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