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Spain: companies, bank accounts, golden visa, and the Spanish passport

This section is entirely dedicated to Spain. Here you can learn about the specifics of doing business in the country and the ways to set up a bank account there. There is a large section about the Spanish ‘golden visa’ that allows acquiring legal residency in Spain in exchange for investment.

The Spanish legal residency program will be of especial interest to those who would like to invest into real estate in the country and we have a separate section on this topic too.

Country section - Spain

If you have questions related to Spain, please address them to [email protected] and our consultants will reply to you promptly.

I. Products and services associated with Spain

This section describes all products and services that have Spanish component parts.

Articles about products and services in Spain

II. Everything about companies and business in Spain

How can you start a business company in Spain? What are the specifics of business operations in the country? What legislation regulates business activities in Spain? You can find the answers to these questions in this section.

Articles about companies and business in Spain

III. Banks and banking industry in Spain

This section contains articles about the banking industry in Spain. Here you can find out how to open a bank account in the country, how banks work in Spain as well as news related to banking services there.

Articles about Spanish banks and banking industry

IV. Legal residency and citizenship of Spain

How can you acquire a temporary residence permit in Spain? How can you acquire a permanent residence permit and full citizenship of the country? Please read the articles in this section to find out.

Articles about legal residency and citizenship of Spain

V. Spanish taxes and tax agreements

Here we discuss the taxation system in Spain and talk about the tax and other international agreements that Spain has signed.

Articles about Spanish taxes and tax agreements

VI. Real estate in Spain

This section is about purchasing and maintaining real property in Spain. Here we also describe the opportunity to acquire legal residency in the country by investing into real estate there.

Articles about real property in Spain

VII. Interesting facts about Spain

Interesting, surprising, and useful facts about Spain for those who consider relocating to this European country.

Articles containing interesting facts about Spain

VIII. Conferences in Spain

Here we talk about conferences and other suchlike events held in Spain or related to Spain somehow.

Articles about conferences in Spain

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