Slovenia: immigration, legal residence, business, bank accounts, real property, and taxes

Slovenia can become your gateway to Europe: you can acquire legal residency and then full citizenship of this EU member state. In this section of our portal, you can find information about real estate in the country, local taxes, and the possibility to open bank accounts there. Besides, we about immigration to Slovenia and life there.

This medium-size country is located at the very heart of Europe. Slovenia lies at the northwestern tip of Balkan Peninsula and it borders on Italy in the west, Austria in the north, Hungary in the northeast, and Croatia in the southeast. The country also has access to the Adriatic Sea.

Slovenia became an independent state in 1991 when Yugoslavia disintegrated. In 2004, the country joined the EU. It has a wonderful and very diverse nature: the seacoast, forests, mountains, lakes, valleys, and over a thousand caves. The climate is continental in Slovenia: warm comfortable summers and cold snowy winters.

Slovenia is an ideal place for those who like spending time in the open air. Around 60% of the country’s territory is covered with forests. Locals are proud of their fantastic nature and eco-tourism is rapidly developing in the country. The capital city of Ljubljana received the ‘Green European Capital’ award in 2016.

Similarly to other EU countries, Slovenia offers wonderful education opportunities, reliable healthcare, and favorable business climate built on the rule of law and boasting few bureaucratic barriers.

The Slovenia section of portal contains information about our key services in the country. With our assistance, you can buy property in Slovenia, acquire legal and then tax residency in the country, open a bank account, and register a company there. We also discuss the advantages of Slovenia as a tax haven and talk about various business-related conferences that are held in the country.

I. All products and services in Slovenia or with Slovenian elements

This section contains the descriptions of all our Slovenian products and services. Here you can learn about the procedures and the costs of acquiring legal residency in the country, setting up a bank account, and registering a company there. We also discuss tax planning in Slovenia. Please apply for a free consultation on our Slovenian products and services before placing an order.

Articles about products and services in Slovenia

II. Business in Slovenia

From this section, you can learn about business opportunities available to foreigners in Slovenia. We show how you can buy a ready-made company in the country or start a new one there. Here you can also learn about business immigration to Slovenia and about acquiring a Slovenian visa.

We describe some real business cases in Slovenia and share our clients’ personal experience with the readers. You will learn what taxes are payable in Slovenia, how to start a company there, what you have to know when registering a company in the country, how you can sell your business, and so on.

Articles about business in Slovenia

III. Taxes in Slovenia and tax residency in the country

In this section, we discuss the process of acquiring tax residency in Slovenia. Besides, we talk about various taxes that are payable (or not payable) in the country: personal taxes, corporate taxes, property taxes, dividend taxes, motor vehicle taxes, and so on. In addition, you can learn about tax planning opportunities in Slovenia.

Articles about taxes in Slovenia

IV. Non-resident bank accounts in Slovenia

The articles in this section will help you open a bank account in Slovenia. The private banks in the country are controlled by the National Bank of Slovenia and they have special offers to expats. We recommend that you should study the list and the ratings of Slovenian banks before you set up an account with one of them. From this section, you will also learn how long the bank account opening process lasts in Slovenia and how you can use you Slovenian bank account in a most efficient way.

Articles about non-resident banking in Slovenia

V. Legal residence in Slovenia and citizenship of the country

The articles in this section explain how you can acquire legal residency in Slovenia and then full citizenship of the country. We discuss the process of legal residency acquisition for working people and for retirees. Here you can learn what conditions need to be satisfied in order to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia and what advantages such permit will bring.

In addition, this section describes the process of acquiring full citizenship of Slovenia. Becoming a citizen of this country means becoming an EU citizen, which is desirable for many people living in other parts of the world. Besides, here you will learn why you should not trust anyone trying to ‘sell’ Slovenian citizenship to you.

Does Slovenia allow dual citizenship? Can you acquire citizenship of the country in exchange for investment? How are the due diligence procedures carried out in Slovenia? Please find the answers to these and other similar questions in this section.

Articles about Slovenian residency and citizenship

VI. Immigration to Slovenia and life in the country

The topic of this section is immigration to Slovenia. Here we describe the process of relocating to the country and the difficulties that you may encounter.

Besides, in this section you can find a number of interesting materials about life in Slovenia: prices in the country, the living standards, life expectancy, advantages and disadvantages that different cities in Slovenia have, and so on.

From our articles, you can learn how expats in Slovenia live. We talk about the history of the country, the thermal springs, the hotels and resorts in Slovenia, summer and winter recreation opportunities, ancient castles, lakes, beaches, ski resorts, and other places of interest in Slovenia.

In addition, we dwell on medical services in Slovenia, the educational opportunities, the employment opportunities, the airports in Slovenia, and the national cuisine.

Articles about immigration to Slovenia

VII. Real estate in Slovenia

This section discusses real property in Slovenia in the context of acquiring legal and tax residency in the country and ultimately, Slovenian citizenship via naturalization.

We describe houses and apartments for sale in Slovenia. From the articles in this section, you can find out where you can lodge in Slovenia and how much it is going to cost you. Inexpensive accommodations, houses at the seaside, commercial property in Slovenia, real estate agencies in the country, long-term rent of residential accommodations – we cover all these topics in this section.

Articles about real property in Slovenia

VIII. Conferences in and about Slovenia

Here we discuss various business, investment, and asset protection conferences held in Slovenia. If a certain conference is held outside the country but it is related to Slovenia in some way, we also mention it here.

Articles about conferences in or about Slovenia

IX. Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICO projects in Slovenia

In this section, we discuss the perspectives for crypto business in Slovenia and the use of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Articles about cryptocurrencies in Slovenia

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