Business and legal residency in Slovakia

The Republic of Slovakia is an EU member state. It offers an opportunity to foreign nationals to acquire legal residency in the country by investing into business there.

Slovakia offers simple conditions for doing business and some tax benefits too. For instance, there is no dividend tax in the country. Slovakian-registered companies are often used to establish holdings that own companies in various states of the European Union.

In addition, Slovakia runs a very convenient business immigration program. You can make an investment into the country’s economy and acquire a legal residence permit. After some time, you can become a full citizen of an EU country.

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I. All products and services in Slovakia

In this section, you can find information about all our products and services that are available in Slovakia. With our assistance, you can establish a company in the country with a bank account or without one and become a legal resident there.

If you would like to obtain some other service in Slovakia, please request it by writing to the address specified above.

Articles about products and services in Slovakia

II. Business in Slovakia

Here we discuss business-related issues: should you launch a startup in Slovakia, what industries enjoy Government support in the country, how to maintain your Slovakian-based company, and so on.

Articles about business in Slovakia

III. Immigration to Slovakia

Immigration to Slovakia is quite possible. Here we describe how you can go about moving to the country and what benefits this will bring.

Articles about immigration to Slovakia

IV. Taxes in Slovakia and tax-related agreements that the country has made

What is the taxation system in Slovakia? How does it work? What tax-related international agreements has Slovakia signed? This section is dedicated to the questions related to Slovakian taxes.

Articles about Slovakian taxes and tax-related agreements

V. Real estate in Slovakia

Here you can learn where and how you can buy real property in Slovakia in order to obtain a legal residence permit.

Articles about real property in Slovakia

VI. Company registration in Slovakia

In this section, we describe the process of registering a business company in Slovakia.

Articles about company registration in Slovakia

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