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Dear readers! The Singapore section of our portal is among the largest ones. We write about immigrating to Singapore, doing business in the country, opening bank accounts there, (personal, corporate, for onshore- and offshore-registered companies), taxes in Singapore, keeping gold there, the Singaporean agreements on double taxation avoidance, and many other topics relevant for expanding your international business and improving your lifestyle.

A Singaporean-registered company is the key to the success of any international business. It is the only country in the world where corruption does not exist any longer. Acquiring licenses is fast in Singapore and you can raise funds there against pledged ideas.

Unlike most other countries, Singapore does not allow dual citizenship but foreigners are entitled to apply for legal residence permits.

Here you can find all the information about Singapore available at portal. It does not mean, however, that the information is exhaustive! So many changes happen in Singapore almost on a daily basis and we will continue writing about this fantastic jurisdiction. Whether you would like to relocate to Singapore and live there forever, or you want to incorporate a foreign company there, you can find the necessary information in this section. Today, Singapore offers the most attractive conditions for living, working, and doing business there and it has the brightest perspectives for the future development.

We are also planning to start writing about real estate in Singapore and luxury accommodations in the country in particular.

Singapore is truly the center of the business world today. We hope that this section is going to help you discover the wonderful opportunities that the country offers. If you would like to ask us anything about Singapore, please send your questions to and we will promptly reply to them.

I. Offshore industry products in Singapore or with Singaporean elements

In this section, you can find descriptions of all products and services for international businesses that have at least one component part in Singapore. It can be a company registered there, a bank account, a Singaporean professional nominee, a virtual office, and so on.

II. Bilateral agreements on avoidance of double taxation and free trade agreements that Singapore has made

In this section, we show how the Singaporean agreements on double taxation avoidance can be used by foreign business people in the country. Indeed, these can help with tax planning considerably. We also mention the free trade agreements that Singapore has sighed with other countries.

Articles about Singaporean tax-related agreements

III. Business in Singapore

The articles in this section will be of interest to those readers who would like to establish a business company in Singapore. For instance, you may want to open a subsidiary or an affiliation in Singapore to gain access to the markets of Southeastern Asia. We dwell on a number of topics including office rent in Singapore, acquiring a business license there, hiring personnel for your Singaporean-based company, and so on. The goal of this section is to make business in Singapore understandable for the readers.

Articles about types of business companies in Singapore and startup possibilities there

IV. Banks and banking industry in Singapore

From this section, you can learn what banks in Singapore offer the most attractive conditions. You can also learn what types of credit and debit cards can be acquired in Singapore. You will develop an understanding of the procedure of opening a bank account in Singapore. You will learn if you will have to make a personal visit to Singapore in order to open a corporate bank account in the country for your Singaporean- or offshore-based company. You will learn about the responsibility for illegal use of Singaporean bank accounts as well as alternatives for such bank accounts.

Articles about banks in Singapore and opening accounts there

V. Taxes in Singapore

Do you have to pay taxes in Singapore? How to arrange for paying virtually nothing in corporate taxes in Singapore and how to use the double taxation avoidance agreements in the most efficient way? In this section, you can find information about taxation in Singapore and tax benefits available to various types of Singaporean companies.

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in Singapore

VI. Company registration in Singapore

This section will be of interest to those who have already made the decision to register a company in Singapore. Attentive readers will be able to calculate the maintenance costs for a Singaporean-based company for 10 years ahead. The most curious ones will be able to ‘get a feeling’ of a Singaporean company before it is even established. You will learn for what purposes Singaporean-based companies can be used. You will learn how such companies can be used in business structures that have offshore elements.

Articles about company registration in Singapore and the advantages of different types of Singaporean-based companies

VII. Singapore in the world

This section will help you follow the events in the world that affect Singapore in this or that way. You will know why international companies such as Google and Formula 1, for instance, open affiliations or subsidiaries in the country. (Google does have a subsidiary in Singapore. Do you?) You will also know what rankings Singapore enjoys in various international ratings and why they are so high. Those who have already established a company in Singapore may benefit from the articles found in this section too as these can help position you company in the country’s market in a more efficient manner.

Articles about Singapore participation in the world economy as a business and financial center

VIII. Business in Singapore as compared to business in other countries

The majority of our readers are weathered international entrepreneurs who will not be satisfied with unsupported assertions. This is why in this section, we compare doing business in Singapore with doing business in other countries. We do not simply claim, “Singapore is good for business and county X is bad”. Instead, we provide objective comparisons of various business-related features. We put special emphasis on comparing Singapore with other countries in southeastern Asia.

Articles about Singapore business advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other countries

IX. Business immigration to Singapore and life in the country

This section is aimed at those who are thinking of relocating to Singapore. Here you can learn about the simplest ways to relocated to Singapore and to acquire a temporary or a permanent residence permit there. We also describe the procedure and the conditions of obtaining the passport of Singapore so that you can decide if you need one or not. The articles in this section will let you understand how life goes on in Singapore and what entertainments are available there. We hope that by reading the articles, you can see what you are going to like and dislike about the country before you even visit it.

Articles about immigration to Singapore based on the experience of those who have moved to the country

X. Investments in Singapore

In this section, we discuss where you can buy and keep gold in Singapore. You will also learn why you should keep part of your capital in Singaporean dollars.

Articles about investment opportunities in Singapore

XI. News from Singapore

With some countries, the news can be depressive while the news from Singapore is always a beam of light in the realm of darkness. If you have read and thought a lot about incorporating a business company in Singapore but you cannot seem to make the final step, read the articles in this section! The Government of Singapore pleases us regularly with good news and initiatives aimed at improving the business environment in the country even further. We promise that all the news from Singapore is going to be positive.

Good news about Singapore as a place to live and work

XII. Employment in Singapore

From this section, you can learn about the possibilities that foreign nationals can find in Singapore when looking for a job there. We discuss various small details that may appear crucial for developing a strategy of relocating to Singapore.

Articles about employment opportunities for immigrants in Singapore

XIII. Trusts and trust companies in Singapore.

In this section, we talk about establishing trusts in Singapore.

Articles about trust registration in Singapore

XIV. Company maintenance in Singapore

Singaporean companies cannot be treated the way classic offshore companies are often treated. If you fail to submit the necessary reports on time, you are going to face a fine and its amount is going to leave you breathless. We specialize in managing Singaporean-based companies in conformity with all the requirements.

Articles about company maintenance in Singapore

XV. Dispute resolution in Singapore

In this section, we discuss the advantages of the Singaporean commercial courts.

Articles about dispute resolution in Singapore

XVI. Conferences in Singapore and about Singapore

In this section, we inform the readers about various conferences, seminars, webinars, and other events covering the topics of asset protection, business immigration, or investments in Singapore. We mention both the events that are held in Singapore and those that are held in other countries but they concern Singapore in some way.

Articles about conferences in Singapore and about Singapore

XVII. ICO in Singapore

In this section, we discuss the risks, the advantages, the methods, and the strategies of making an ICO in Singapore.

Articles about making ICOs in Singapore

XVIII. Real estate in Singapore.

In this section, we discuss issues related to buying and renting real estate in Singapore as well as the property taxes in the country. The articles here will be of interest to those planning to relocate to Singapore.

Articles about buying and renting real estate in Singapore

XIX. Economic substance in Singapore

In this section, we discuss the possibilities of establishing physical presence of your Singaporean-registered company, that is, creating economic substance in the country.

Articles about substance in Singapore


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