Sierra Leone: companies, banks accounts, and international trade

The Republic of Sierra Leone in Western Africa is not the most popular business destination. However, it can be of interest to international entrepreneurs anyway.

The country’s economy is based on mining diamonds and other mineral resources but the international business can use it as a transit hub between East and West especially if various sanctions play a role in the business operations.

You can register a company in Sierra Leona and/ or open a bank account in the country without paying a personal visit there.

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I. Products and services in Sierra Leone

We have a contact in Sierra Leone who can help you carry out whatever task you may have in the country – register a company, open a bank account, find out the necessary information, etc. In this section, you can read about these services.

Articles about products and services in Sierra Leone

II. Business in Sierra Leone

How do foreign nationals do business in Sierra Leone? What does it take to register a company there? Please find out here.

Articles about business in Sierra Leone

III. Banks and banking industry in Sierra Leone

Even though Sierra Leone is not the most popular jurisdiction for banking either, there are banks in the country and international businesses do use them. How exactly? Find out here.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Sierra Leone

IV. Sierra Leone for international business and asset protection

Sierra Leone is a transit hub where you can accumulate goods or capitals before transferring them further – to the east or to the west. The country is not the largest transit hub in the world but it still can be used as such for some purposes.

Articles about Sierra Leone as a jurisdiction for international business and asset protection

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