Seychelles: companies, bank accounts, and yacht registration

The Republic of Seychelles, or simply Seychelles, is a classic offshore jurisdiction in the Indian Ocean. The archipelago consists of 115 islands that are famous not only for the offshore services that they offer but also for their clean sandy beaches, the warm sea, and the bright sun.

What we are interested in, however, is the offshore products and services to be found in Seychelles. You can find information about them in this section.

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I. All products and services in the Republic of Seychelles

Here you can find information about all our products and services available in Seychelles.

II. Offshore companies in Seychelles

How can you register an offshore company in Seychelles? How can you buy a ready-made company there? How are companies regulated in the jurisdiction? You can find the answers to these and other questions in this section.

III. Banks and banking industry in Seychelles

This section is about the banking services that are available in this offshore jurisdiction.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Seychelles

IV. Republic of Seychelles as an offshore jurisdiction

What does a novice need to know about the offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles? Who will be advised to give it some consideration? How does the country comply with the modern transparency and information exchange requirements? Please find the answers in this section.

Articles about Seychelles as an offshore jurisdiction

V. Seychelles taxes and tax agreements

This section discusses the tax-related matters in Seychelles. Even though it is a classic offshore, there are some nuances to be found there.

Articles about Seychelles taxes and tax agreements

VI. Interesting facts about Seychelles

Interesting and surprising information about the country.

Interesting facts about Seychelles

VII. Corporate legislation in the Republic of Seychelles

In this section, we discuss the corporate legislation in Seychelles that has a bearing on company registration and maintenance in the country.

Articles about corporate legislation in Seychelles
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