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Saint Lucia: citizenship by investment, offshore bank accounts, and company registration

Saint Lucia is a wonderful place to spend time in the ‘offshore style’: meetings with the bankers before lunch and yachting or relaxing by the waterfall after lunch. Snorkeling between the two Pythons – the mountains of St Lucia found on the postcards – is fantastic. We expect that the St Lucian citizenship-by-investment program is going to become the best-selling such program in the region very soon. The required donation amount there is the lowest in the world (only Dominica requires as little while all other countries charge more). At the same time, there have been no scandals associated with this program, neither local nor global. And this is a very good sign!

Country section - Saint Lucia

The citizenship-by-investment program is led by Ryan Devaux, a professional with an impressive CV. Over the years, Ryan has developed a deep understanding of international business in general and the offshore industry in particular. On the list of services that Offshore Pro Group provides to the clients, you will find the possibility to open an account in BOSLIL bank in St Lucia. Ryan has contributed greatly to the development of the bank network in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Panama, and Uruguay. Before, Ryan Devaux used to work for Ernst & Young where he had offshore and international companies, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and insurance companies among his clients. It is precious indeed when a national citizenship-by-investment program is managed by a highly qualified professional. (We can say the same about the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship-by-investment program: when Les Khan took the directorship of the program in 2016, it changed for the better drastically. Now the program reacts to all the changes in the market rapidly, there are no delays, and the feedback is fast and professional.). Ryan Devaux, in his turn, is improving the St Lucian economic citizenship program. Now it has become the most attractive such program in the Caribbean region on many parameters. The St Lucian passport may not provide visa-free access to Canada and China so far but Great Britain and Schengen countries, among others, are open for the passport holders.

As St Lucia is a classic offshore jurisdiction, you can open a bank account and register a company there (the latter is expensive!). St Lucian banks provide for a rare opportunity to set up corporate accounts for offshore-registered companies. The citizenship-by-investment program of the country is now promoted in all parts of the world.

I. Offshore products and services in St Lucia

In this section, we describe the opportunity to open corporate bank accounts for offshore- or onshore-registered foreign companies. And of course, the possibility to apply for a second passport of St Lucia with our assistance is at the top of our service list!

II. St Lucian citizenship-by-investment Government program

In this section, we inform our readers about all the changes in the St Lucian economic citizenship program. If any new attractive opportunities arise, you can learn about them by reading the articles published here.

III. St Lucia as an offshore jurisdiction, tax haven, and international financial and business center

In this section, we describe St Lucia as an international business center and as a tax haven.

IV. Information for the investors considering applying for the St Lucian citizenship-by-investment program

In this section, you can find articles that advertise the opportunity to invest into luxury resort accommodations in St Lucia and thus, in the tourist sector of the country’s economy.

Articles about the investment attractiveness of St Lucia

V. St Lucian lifestyle and entertainments

Even though there is no need to visit St Lucia in order to become a full citizen of the country, the holders of St Lucian passports do go to the islands anyway. If you can, you must visit St Lucia and stay there for a couple of weeks! We are certain that you are going to love the country! In this section, we talk about places to see and tours to take in St Lucia. We describe its tourist attractions and entertainment opportunities. Besides, we reveal the names of the celebrities who visit the country on a regular basis.

Articles about luxurious vacations in St Lucia

VI. Relocation to St Lucia

This section is for those who have already acquired citizenship of St Lucia. Probably, you would like to make a long pause and spend an extended period of time in the country. Or maybe you are thinking of retiring there… How does it feel to live in St Lucia? Please find out here.

Articles for those who are considering moving to St Lucia and those who would like to learn more about living in the country

VII. Conferences, summits, forums, and other events in St Lucia

Here you can find articles about various conferences in St Lucia for investors and international business people.

Articles about conferences and other events in St Lucia

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