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The territory of the Russian Federation is larger than that of any other country in the world. It is a multinational state of wide economic and cultural diversity.

The mining industry is well developed in the country: Russia sells oil, metals, and other natural resources. Chemical production and wood processing are two more pillars of the Russian economy.

The service industry provides for more than a half of the national GDP in Russia.

The financial sector in the country is successful at introducing modern technologies such as fast transfers, online and mobile applications, and so on.

The Russian Federation is a WTO and EAEU member.

In this section, we describe the products and services that are available to foreign nationals in Russia.

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I. Products and services available in Russia

Here you can find a list of services available in Russia and those with Russian components.

Articles about products and services in Russia

II. Business in Russia

How are things with private business in Russia? What new regulations appear in this area? What should you be careful about when doing business in Russia? These are the questions that we answer in this section.

Articles about business in Russia

III. Banks and bank accounts in Russia

Millions of people in Russia use banking services. In this section, we discuss the latest news from the Russian banking industry, the hidden opportunities that it offers, and the problems that it has to face.

IV. Legal residency in Russia and citizenship of the country

How can a foreign national acquire legal residency or citizenship in the Russian Federation?

Articles about acquiring Russian legal residency and citizenship

V. Russian news

Domestic and foreign news from Russia – important events, international meetings, changes in the legislation, and many other things.

Russian news articles

VI. Tax-related agreements that Russia has signed

New taxation rules, beneficial tax agreements, news from the Federal Revenue Service, changes in the fiscal legislation – these are the topics that we discuss in this section. In addition, here you can find the news about automatic exchange of fiscal information whose primary goal in Russia is combatting tax evasion.

Articles about Russian taxes, tax agreements, and information exchange

VII. Conferences and other events in Russia or about Russia

All sorts of interesting events are held in Russia regularly: asset protection, administration, new business technologies – these are only a few of the dozens of topics that are discussed at various conferences, seminars, and summits in Russia.

Articles about Russian conferences and other events

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