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Portugal: legal residency by investment, taxes, real estate, bank accounts, and company registration

Important news came out in February 2020: it may become impossible to acquire legal residence in Portugal by purchasing real estate in Lisbon and Porto. The amendment to the current legislation will not come into force before 2021. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic can make the Portuguese Government postpone the introduction of this limitation. However, if you are planning to apply for Portuguese legal residence after purchasing property in one of the two cities mentioned above, you had better do it while the opportunity exists.

In Portugal, you can enjoy fantastic local wines and seafood, listen to marvelous fado music, or visit ancient castles sitting on the top of the hills… The country is really charming and blossoming! But the mild climate, the rich history, and the beautiful nature are not the only benefits that Portugal has to offer.

The country has a ‘golden visa’ program that is the most popular such program in Europe. The economy is on the rise and so is the real estate market. Liberal fiscal legislation and a simplified procedure of bank account opening make Portugal an attractive destination for business immigrants while the low cost of living and advanced medicine attract retirees to the country.

Country section - Portugal

If you are planning to relocate to Portugal and make use of the local tax incentives, and/ or register a company in the country, and/ or open a bank account there, and/ or purchase some real estate, and/ or acquire a legal residency permit (a ‘golden visa’), then you have come to the right place.

This section of portal contains all the information that you have to have prior to establishing ties with Portugal. Here you can find the guiding principles for future expats to the country and anyone who wants to have any relations with this European state.

I. Products and services that have Portuguese components

This section contains information about our products and services in Portugal including their costs. The following topics are covered here: legal residence in Portugal in exchange for investment into real estate in the country or other types of investments; tax residence in Portugal; tax planning with the NHR (Non-Habitual Resident) scheme; bank accounts in Portugal; and company registration in Portugal. You are welcome to apply for a free consultation on our Portuguese products to appreciate their true value.

Articles about products and services in Portugal

II. Business in Portugal

Are you thinking of buying a ready-made business company in Portugal? Are you looking for some information about doing business in the country? Would you like to establish a sole proprietorship in Portugal and open a café in Lisbon, for example? From this section, you can learn how much it is going to cost you to open a company in Portugal and how you should go about organizing your business operations in the country. Our articles also describe how you can purchase a shelf company in Portugal, how you can acquire a residence permit with a startup visa, and what difficulties you are going to face when trying to sell your business in Portugal.

III. Taxes in Portugal

Among other topics, this section covers the following ones: tax system in Portugal; Tax Code, property tax, land tax, payroll tax, and other personal and corporate taxes in Portugal.

IV. Non-resident bank accounts in Portugal

Would you like to set up a bank account in Portugal? If yes, you have come to the right place. This section is about banking opportunities to be found in Portugal. We show how you can open a bank account in the country quickly and without too much trouble. Here you can also learn what banking services you can obtain from the largest Portuguese banks and what is special about the banking industry in the country. We discuss both private banks in Portugal and the Central Bank there.

Articles about bank accounts in Portugal

V. Legal and tax residency in Portugal

The topic of this section is legal residence in Portugal for working people and for pensioners. We give special attention to the ‘golden visa’ – an opportunity to acquire legal residence in Portugal by investment. We show how you can become a legal resident in this country via purchasing real estate there or investing into various business projects and creating jobs in Portugal. From the articles found in this section, you can also learn how you can obtain tax residence in Portugal. We describe the procedure in plain language.

VI. Life in Portugal

In this section, we discuss the Portuguese lifestyle. Here you can learn about the cost of living in the country and about the advantages and disadvantages of living there. We do not dwell on pluses only but we also talk about the minuses of residing in Portugal. Our articles are based on the reports from expats to the country. We talk about the life expectancy in Portugal, about living standards in Lisbon, in Porto, and other parts of the country.

VII. Real estate in Portugal

Would you like to purchase a piece of real estate in Portugal and have a first-hand opinion about the offers that you find in the Internet? You have come to right place. From the articles in this section, you can learn about the costs of real estate in Portugal. We discuss the costs of a small house and a house at the seaside in the country. We describe the real estate to be found in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and Cascais as well as that found in the northern part of the country. We mostly talk about residential accommodations in Portugal but commercial property does not escape our attention either.

Besides, we talk about renting property in Portugal, about pluses and minuses of Portuguese buildings, about real property for retirees, about ways to purchase property in Portugal, and so on. We discuss the issues related to Portuguese real estate in the context of acquiring legal residency in the country when buying property there.

VIII. Conferences in and about Portugal

The articles in this section discuss various investment-, offshore industry-, and business-related conferences that are held in Portugal or that are dedicated to Portugal even though held in other countries. Here you can find information about the conferences that are aimed at attracting foreign nationals to Portugal by disclosing the investment potential that the country has.

Articles about conferences in Portugal

IX. Portuguese tax agreements

In this section, we discuss the agreements on double taxation avoidance that Portugal has made with other countries and the agreements on fiscal information exchange that Portugal has signed.

Articles about Portuguese tax agreements

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