Company registration and bank accounts in Poland

In this section, you can read about the business opportunities that exist in Poland. In particular, you can learn how to register a company in the country and open a bank account there. In addition, we talk about life in Poland and the opportunity to obtain the Polish passport. There is an interesting proposal for those with Polish-born ancestors.

I. All products and services with Polish components

This section contains descriptions of the products and services that you can acquire from our Polish partners and us.

II. Poland as a European business center

Poland is sometimes referred to as a new business incubator. Diversified economy, well-developed production and services sectors – everything is there for a foreign investor looking for an opportunity to expand the business. In this section, we describe the strong sides that Poland has as well as the challenges that you may encounter in this jurisdiction.

Articles about Poland as a European business center

III. Non-resident bank accounts in Poland

This section is about setting up a foreign bank account in Poland and the specifics of the local financial and banking services.

Articles about bank accounts in Poland

IV. Polish legal residency and citizenship

From this section, you can learn how to obtain legal residence in Poland and citizenship of the country.

Articles about legal residency and citizenship of Poland

V. Life in Poland

In this section, we describe the lifestyle in Poland. The articles here will be of interest to those who are thinking of moving to the country and who would like to know about some hidden opportunities there.

Articles about living in Poland

VI. Conferences in Poland and about Poland

In this section, we publish the information about Polish-held or Polish-related conferences and other events that may be of interest to our readers.

Articles about Polish conferences

VII. Taxes in Poland: personal and corporate

In this section, we talk about taxes, tax cuts, and tax breaks for the companies registered in Poland. We also discuss personal taxes in the country. Besides, here we mention the most important agreements on avoidance of double taxation that Poland has made.

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in Poland

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