Life and business in the Philippines

This section is about the Philippines, a country in Southeastern Asia with the population of over a hundred million people. This is an industrialized country with a developing economy.

The demand for high-quality goods and professional services is quite impressive in the Philippines and many foreign investors seek to establish business companies there. Certain restrictions are in place in the Philippines, however, so you will be well advised to apply for a consultation before you start planning your business activities in the country. Please write to and ask us questions about the Philippines.

I. Offshore products and services in the Philippines and with Philippine elements

In this section, we describe all our Philippine products related to the offshore industry be it a Philippine-registered company or a legal residence permit.

Articles about products and services in the Philippines

II. Business in the Philippines

In this section, we discuss the process of establishing a business company in the Philippines and point out to some pitfalls to avoid.

Articles about business in the Philippines

III. Banks and banking industry in the Philippines

It is a large country with a large number of banks. At the same time, the banking sector in the Philippines has some peculiarities that a potential foreign investor needs to know about.

Articles about banks and banking industry in the Philippines

IV. Philippines as an international financial and business center

How is the Philippines different from other jurisdictions? What are the advantages that the country offers? Please find the answers to these questions here.

Articles about the Philippines as an international financial and business center

V. Legal residency in the Philippines and citizenship of the country

Please find out how you can acquire Philippine legal residency and full citizenship.

Articles about Philippine legal residency and citizenship

VI. Retiring to the Philippines

The Philippines is a wonderful country to retire to at any age! Please find the information about retiring to the Philippines in this section.

Articles about retiring to the Philippines

VII. Real estate in the Philippines

Here we discuss how you can buy and sell Philippine real estate and what profit you can make from it.

Articles about real estate in the Philippines

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