Our guarantees and payment for our services

You can cover the costs of our services whose high quality is guaranteed by any of the methods listed below

Direct bank transfer
Credit or debit card
Western Union
Tether (USDT)
Paxos (USDP)
Ethereum (ETH)

When it comes to payment terms, we follow this motto: “Practice a flexible approach to every client who is always right”.

99% of our clients purchase our services on a recommendation or because they have been following the portal for a long time and they know us very well. Such clients do not usually require any additional guarantees. An overwhelming majority of them are satisfied with an electronic invoice contract for company registration or bank account opening. Most companies working in the offshore industry follow the same practice. If you would like to apply for our accounting or legal support services for your company registered in Europe or elsewhere, you will have to sign a separate agreement for that. When you make a contract with us to establish a company abroad, you also have to fill out a special questionnaire. We need it for the protection of our interests in case you want to deny ever establishing a foreign company at some point.  

The lucky clients have Offshore Pro Group as the first offshore service provider that they contact. Sometimes, however, we see clients who have been misled by another company before. The feelings that they have may be well-justified as our colleagues can be too greedy at times and we have to admit that. At other times, however, their dissatisfaction was caused by a misunderstanding rather than the failure to provide the services on the part of the company where they applied before. If you are one of these people, we will be happy to provide an additional letter of guarantee that the service will definitely be delivered, if this can make you feel better. This letter will explicitly describe the exact services that you are going to obtain for the said price. You can make up a letter of guarantee by yourself if you wish. We will sign it if we are satisfied with the conditions described there. However, we have a humble request to the clients who believe that they have been deceived before: please treat our consultants with respect, as they will do everything they can to provide top-quality services to you.  

Our guarantees:

  1. We are not going to bill you until we learn who you are and why you need our services. If the conversation with you shows that your goal is attainable via a less expensive product that the offshore industry has to offer, we will let you know about it. If the product that you would like to purchase is not going to suit your needs for practical or legal reasons, we will also tell you about it and suggest a better alternative or refuse to bill you otherwise.
  2. We give you a 100% guarantee that we will register a foreign company for you if you agree to all our conditions in addition to covering the costs of our services. In particular, you will have to supply all the documents that are required for carrying out this task as well as all the necessary information about the business activities that you are going to engage in.
  3. We give you a 99.99% guarantee that we will open an account in the foreign bank of your choice on the condition that you supply truthful information to us. We also guarantee that we will help you establish good working relationships with the bank. Moreover, we can give you a 100% guarantee that the bank account will be opened for you at the second attempt if you are not on the World Check nor World Compliance black lists. We also guarantee that we are not going to bill you for applying to the bank that does not suit your current opportunities as far as the required initial deposit and account turnover are concerned. People who have different amounts of wealth have to seek banking services in different places. Please take no offence at that as you can grow your wealth in the future and later apply for services to the bank that appeals to you most. The 99.99% guarantee covers the cases of applying for services to the right bank. If you insist on applying to the wrong one, we are going to frankly tell you that there is no guarantee at all that the account will be opened.
  4. We guarantee that when we recommend a partner company to you, this company is going to provide highly professional services. For example, if we recommend that you apply for second citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis via our partner company that is domiciled in that jurisdiction, it means that:
    a) The citizenship-by-investment program is in operation in St Kitts and Nevis and there is a legal opportunity to acquire a second passport in the country;
    b) Our partner company does exist and it acts as a trust company licensed to provide support to applicants for economic citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis;
    and c) We have visited all the three offices that the company has on St Kitts, on Nevis, and in Hong Kong.
    We work on these conditions with all other partner companies too.
  5. Finally, we guarantee that we will make every effort to provide services of the highest quality to you. We are not interested in making a quick dollar from a dubious business deal with you. We want you to come back again and bring your friends over!

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