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Guarantees and Payment for Services

In this article, we will tell you in detail what payment methods we offer and what guarantees we give customers when doing our work.

Available payment methods

We accept payment for our guaranteed quality services in the following ways:

Direct bank paymentSEPA SWIFT
Credit or debit cardVisa Mastercard
Western UnionWestern Union
Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT), Paxos (USDP), and many moreCrypto

When an invoice is issued

The invoice is issued AFTER we have clarified who you are during the consultation (personal or remote) and, together with you, have determined the complete list of services you want to order.

We issue an electronic invoice or contract. A separate agreement for accounting services or legal assistance is drawn up if needed.

If necessary, you can request a written guarantee from us. It is agreed on an individual basis.


When we deny service

We will refuse to serve a customer who wants to break the law. We will not be able to work with clients who refuse to provide information about themselves and their tasks necessary for the requested service.

We will also be forced to refuse those who behave inappropriately, insult and threaten company employees, or deliberately mislead.

Choice guarantee

You can come to us with a specific request (for example, you need a Nevis company) or task (assets protection). In any case, we will ask a series of questions and collect information that will help clarify your goals and find the best solution.

If we can find a more affordable solution, we will offer it to you. If speed is essential to you, we will offer the fastest option.

Notice blue

If the solution you have chosen is not suitable for the implementation of your tasks, we will immediately warn you about this and offer an alternative! We prefer efficiency and long-term cooperation.

Service guarantee

We give a 100% guarantee of a classic offshore or foreign company registration, subject to the provision of the required information (documents about yourself, business description, and other local legislation requirements) and timely payment.

We give a 99% guarantee for the successful opening of a foreign account (in a bank or payment system) in the first or second chosen bank if you provide complete and honest information about yourself and your business.

We also guarantee that we will offer you and issue an invoice only for the service that suits your goals, desires, and capabilities.

Notice blue

We are against unjustified expectations in the style of opening a Swiss bank account with a minimum deposit of USD 1 million if the client has USD 10,000. We will offer a solution that is realistic to implement for you at the moment.

Quality assurance

We offer exclusively legal services that we provide independently or through trusted partners. Our experience of more than ten years allows us to guarantee the quality of our own services.

If we offer partner service, it means that our employees visited the partner’s office, checked their history, ensured that they act within the law, and provide high-quality service. Most of our partners, such as the Nevis citizenship partner, have been with us for years.

You can learn more about cooperation with us at [email protected] or by choosing another communication channel on the Contacts page.

Quality assurance
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