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Country section - Paraguay

Paraguay: legal residency by investment, an unexpected path to second citizenship, company registration, and investments into farms and real estate in the country

If you decide to move to Paraguay for life or spend there the best part of the year, you will love the mild climate of the country.

Those who have visited Paraguay speak about endless opportunities to invest in the agricultural sector, the grazing lands, and the forest patches.

If you are tired of struggling to overcome all the barriers to immigration to be found in Europe, Paraguay is hungry for investors who are prepared to learn Spanish and integrate in the local society. Both entrepreneurs and highly qualified professionals are welcome to the country. Only some ten years ago, acquiring citizenship of Paraguay was as easy as squeezing a lemon even though there has never been any citizenship-by-investment programs in the country. Now the requirements to the immigrants are tougher but Paraguay is still a country with very liberal immigration legislation.

Country section - Paraguay

You are going to be surprised how many countries you can visit with the passport and even with the legal residence permit of Paraguay. You are welcome to the EU countries, Great Britain, Russia, Ireland, and so on. However, if you want a good foreign passport fast, you had better turn to Grenada located not far away from Paraguay. There you can gain visa-free access to China in addition to all other countries.

After 2015, the immigration requirements became much stricter in Paraguay because fraudsters from all over the world had been making use of the possibility to easily acquire citizenship of the country. Legally, you can still become a full citizen of Paraguay within three years but in practice, this is achievable only if you speak Spanish fluently, if you live in the country for the best part of the year, and if you have really integrated in the local community.

However, if you are not obsessed with a second passport and if you are simply looking for a country where you can acquire tax residency, where you can live and do business, Paraguay may well become the country of your choice. Paraguay practices territorial taxation, which is beneficial for tax planning. Relocating to Paraguay remains simple and inexpensive. If you speak Spanish, the country will open a huge range of opportunities for you. The neighboring countries and especially Brazil and Argentina may also deserve your attention.

Sixty percent of the population in Paraguay live in the cities of Asunción (the capital of the country) and Ciudad Del Este. The cost of living in Paraguay is comparatively low. If you are tired of office work and your online business, you can change your life radically, go to Paraguay, and become a farmer!

I. Products and services in Paraguay

In this section, we show how we can assist you in becoming a tax resident and a citizen of Paraguay. In addition, we can help you register a company in the country, open a bank account there, and select real property or agricultural facilities to invest in. If you decide to move to Paraguay, our Paraguayan partners will provide personal assistance to you on site and help you adapt to the new environment. If you hear somebody talking about a citizenship-by-investment program in Paraguay, do not believe him or her. There is no such program there and the person talking about it is talking nonsense.

II. Paraguay as a country to relocate to and acquire tax residency and full citizenship there

If you speak Spanish or if you are prepared to learn the language, Paraguay will really be one of the best countries to move to. Local citizenship can be acquired there faster than in Panama that is located not far away. In this section, we discuss the benefits that legal residency in Paraguay brings. It is still very easy for most people to immigrate to Paraguay. After some scandals, the task has been made tougher for Pakistanis and residents of other Middle East countries though. The investment required to obtain legal residency in Paraguay is only US$ 5,000. Or you can invest into ten hectares of land. If you are a pensioner with a stable income of around US$ 1,300 per month, Paraguay is going to welcome you too. The only important requirement is a clean criminal record.

III. Compare living in Paraguay with living in other countries

In this section, we compare living in Paraguay with living in other countries and especially other Latin American countries. Here we also publish articles written by those who have tasted living in Paraguay.

Articles about life in Paraguay and expats’ experiences

IV. Real estate in Paraguay

Here you can find publications about the opportunities to invest into Paraguayan real property, farms, and agricultural facilities. The low costs of the land and the construction services in the country, the small tax burden associated with the purchase of real property there, and the fastest growing market in Latin America make investments into real estate in Paraguay very promising.

Articles about the opportunities to invest into real property in Paraguay

V. Business in Paraguay

In this section, we explain why you should start thinking about establishing a business company in Paraguay. Foreign investors in the country can make use of the special SUACE procedure (a united system of company establishment and closure). This procedure allows acquiring a legal residence permit in Paraguay within twenty days only.

VI. Investments into Paraguay

In this section, we describe some attractive investment opportunities in Paraguay.

Articles about investment opportunities in Paraguay

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