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Country section - Panama

Foreign passports, anonymously owned companies, and private interest foundations in Panama loves Panama! We write about the country as an international business center. We describe the opportunities to register a company in Panama, to open a bank account there (remote account opening is also possible), to set up a merchant account, to acquire the passport of Panama or a legal residence permit, and so on. We even write about registering banks in Panama and acquiring financial licenses there. In this section, we advertise all our products and services available in Panama. If you are interested in establishing an anonymously owned foreign company or in immigrating to Panama (especially retiring there), we highly recommend that you should keep track of the new articles that appear in this section. The same goes for all other sections of the portal!

Country section - Panama

Panama used to be on various ‘grey lists’ but it is not there any longer as the country has adapted its legislation to the new international requirements. It is easy to provide economic substance for a Panamanian-registered company. Unlike the neighboring Caribbean islands, Panama offers a large choice of office buildings and finding qualified personnel is simpler and cheaper there. Moreover, if you would like to obtain nominee services for your Caribbean-based company, we recommend hiring somebody from Panama. The country has a Caribbean coast and it is only logical if a resident of Panama seeks to extend his or her business and registers a company in St Kitts and Nevis, for example.

There is only one taboo for us in Panama: bribes. Some “professionals” may recommend that you should bribe a government official to accelerate the process of citizenship acquisition, for instance. However, when the official loses the job and the truth about the bribe(s) that s/he took comes out, you may be deprived of your Panamanian citizenship so that you will have to start the application process all over again – after several years. We have been doing business with Panama for a long type and we know for sure: no bribes. Never. Even if the government official’s offer looks very attractive.

We would also like to emphasize that Panama does not have an economic citizenship program that would be similar to those that several Caribbean countries have. Please mind that some Internet resources advertise the Panamanian permanent residence permit as a foreign passport. It only looks like a passport but it does not bring the advantages that a ‘real’ second passport brings. At the same time, a permanent residence permit in a foreign country can be a good solution for citizens of those national states that do not allow dual citizenship such as China or Kazakhstan, for example. The permit can become a handy instrument for traveling and optimizing personal income taxes.

I. Offshore products and services with Panamanian elements

In this section, we bring for your consideration all products and services available in Panama. These are anonymously owned companies, accounts with Panamanian banks, private interest foundations, virtual offices, financial licenses, and the opportunity to register you own bank in Panama.

II. Panama agreements on avoidance of double taxation

In this section, we discuss the double taxation avoidance and the fiscal information exchange agreements that Panama has signed with other national states.

Articles about Panama’s tax-related agreements

III. Company registration and business in Panama

In this section, we talk about the practical applications that Panamanian-registered companies may have. In what cases should you establish an anonymously owned company in the country? In what cases would this be a bad idea? Residents of which countries must necessarily give an eye to Panama? What countries have officially stopped considering Panama an offshore jurisdiction? Please find the answers to these and other similar questions in this section.

Articles about registering companies in Panama and using them for international business and tax planning

IV. Financial licenses and private banks in Panama

Did you know that it is easy to obtain a financial service license in Panama? Did you know that it is relatively easy to register you own private bank in the country? From this section, you can learn about the procedures of acquiring the license and establishing the bank as well as about the goals that these business solutions can help achieve.

Articles about acquiring financial licenses in Panama and registering private banks there

V. Panama as an offshore jurisdiction and an international financial center

Panama is one of the traditional tax havens but it is not a tiny island in the middle of the ocean that survives only by registering offshore companies and catching turtles. Panama has a vibrant economy: it connects the two Americas and it has the Panama Channel. Panama is a traditional offshore jurisdiction that seeks to cease to be one nominally while keeping all the advantages that come with registering anonymously owned companies on its territory. Is the country going to succeed at that? Follow the articles in this section to find it out.

VI. Immigration to Panama and ‘golden years’ in the country

Elderly Americans adore Panama and so do freelancers working online. Pensioners enjoy discounts everywhere in Panama even at the restaurants. Online business owners reap the fruit of the territorial taxation system not paying any taxes on the income that they earn abroad. In this section, you can read about acquiring legal residence in Panama and living there.

VII. Banks and bank accounts in Panama

Bank accounts in Panama can be established only on a personal visit in the normal case. What we can open remotely for you is a corporate account in the Panamanian branch of a European bank. However, if you visit Panama, our English-speaking representative will meet you at the airport and show you to the bank. Without his assistance, you may have to wait for a long time before the account is set up. In this section, we discuss the Panamanian banks that deserve attention.

VIII. Private Interest Foundations in Panama

In this section, we discuss the applications of Private Interest Foundations in Panama. In particular, these can be used for asset protection and for tax-free transfer of the assets to your heirs. These are not the type of foundations that can be used to attract capital from third parties – a separate license is needed to establish such a foundation (or fund) in Panama. Here we talk about private interest foundations to be used for asset protection, property rights transfer, and investments on behalf of your family.

Articles about Private Interest Foundations in Panama for tax planning and asset protection

IX. Facts about Panama, life in Panama, and travel around the country

The articles in this section will be of interest to those of our readers who are thinking of relocating to Panama or at least spending some considerable time there. This section is for those who likes to combine work with pleasure and the useful with the entertaining.

Articles about travel and entertainments in Panama

X. Е-commerce and online business in Panama

In this section, we discuss the reasons why you should choose Panama to establish an e-commerce business there. We also talk about bank and merchant accounts for such business projects.

Articles about e-commerce and online business in Panama

XI. Investments into real estate in Panama for leasing it and/ or acquiring legal residency in the country

XII. Taxes in Panama

In this section, we discuss the personal and the corporate taxes in Panama. Business owners will want to know about both types of taxes levied in Panama because they may have to hire staff to comply with the ‘economic substance’ requirements. Those who intend to retire to Panama will be interested in knowing about the personal taxes only.

Articles about taxes in Panama

XIII. Corporate and banking legislation in Panama

In this section, we discuss the amendments to the laws that regulate the activities of Panamanian-registered companies, foundations, and banks especially in what concerns non-resident banking.

Articles about changes in the relevant Panamanian legislation

XIV. News from Panama

In this section, we cover the important news from Panama that may affect your decision to register a business company in the country, open a bank account there, or relocate to Panama for life.

Panama news articles

XV. Ship registration in Panama

Articles about registering ships in Panama

XVI. Business in Panama

In this section, we discuss what type of business a foreign investor should establish in Panama.

Articles about business in Panama

XVII. Trusts in Panama

In this section, we analyze the legislation regulating trusts in Panama.

Articles about trusts in Panama

XVIII. Tax residence in Panama

In this section, we discuss the advantages of becoming a tax resident of Panama and the procedures involved. The articles here are for those who would like to optimize their tax residence efficiently and at a comparatively low cost.

Articles for those wishing to become tax residents of Panama

XIX. Asset protection in Panama

In this section, we consider Panama as a jurisdiction that allows protecting your assets.

How can you protect your assets in Panama?

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