New Zealand: Look-through companies, trusts, partnerships, and business immigration opportunities

New Zealand is one of the most reputable jurisdictions in the world but it does offer many advantages to the foreign investor. This section will introduce you to various opportunities available to non-residents in New Zealand. Probably, the country is going to become the one where you want to register a foreign company or a foreign trust. No one will even call New Zealand an offshore jurisdiction but it offers some ‘offshore’ products anyway. This is the irony of the de-offshorization process: ‘clean’ countries now offer opportunities that used to be found only in small island states before, that is, in classic offshores.

Immigration to New Zealand is a separate issue. The country does not have a citizenship-by-investment program and you can become a New Zealander only via naturalization. At the same time, you can easily acquire legal residency there in a fast way by making an investment into the local economy.

You can find information about business immigration to New Zealand in this section. Please read the articles and ask us questions about New Zealand by writing to We always reply in a timely manner.

I. Offshore industry products from New Zealand or with New Zealand components

In this section, you can find the descriptions of all our products and services available in New Zealand.

Articles about products and services in New Zealand

II. New Zealand agreements on double taxation avoidance and other international treaties

Our portal is aimed at international business people in the first place and they are highly interested in knowing about the double taxation avoidance agreements the foreign country has signed. Thus, we list these agreements in this section and we make a separate note of the treaties that New Zealand has made with classic offshore jurisdictions.

Articles about international tax treaties that New Zealand has signed

III. Partnerships in New Zealand

From this section, you can learn about the various possibilities that New Zealand-registered partnerships offer. These include the opportunity to reduce your tax burden and the possibility to protect your assets. When reading the articles, you may well be surprised how wide a spectrum of business opportunities can be found in the country.

Articles about practical applications of partnerships registered in NZ

IV. Look-through companies: a new offshore-type invention of NZ authorities

In this section, we discuss the possibilities to use the so-called ‘look-through companies’ that can be found in New Zealand alone.

Articles about ‘look-through companies’ in New Zealand

V. New Zealand in the offshore world

In this section, we follow the progress that New Zealand is making in becoming the most comfortable jurisdiction for doing business and protecting the assets. We will see if it keeps going this way.

Articles about New Zealand as a jurisdiction for international business

VI. Bank accounts in New Zealand

In this section, we show how you can open a foreign bank account in New Zealand – remotely or on a personal visit to the country.

Articles about the opportunities to open a bank account in New Zealand

VII. Trusts in New Zealand

Here we inform the readers how they can use the advantages of New Zealand-registered trusts. In addition, we discuss why trusts in the country are preferable to offshore-registered trusts.

Articles about trust registration, applications, and maintenance in New Zealand

VIII. Investments in New Zealand for non-residents

There are myriads of opportunities in New Zealand to make profitable investments. In addition to the profits, you can obtain a legal residence permit in the country if you invest there. Please find the most attractive opportunities to invest into New Zealand in this section.

Articles about investing into New Zealand to make profits and diversify the assets

IX. Business immigration to New Zealand

Some countries are especially welcoming to immigrants with entrepreneurial spirits and New Zealand is one of them. Please find out from this section what types of business people can find it easy to acquire legal residence in the country.

Articles about (business) immigration to New Zealand

X. Life in New Zealand

In this section, we describe the outstanding characteristics of NZ culture and everyday life. The articles here will be of interest to those wishing to relocate to New Zealand.

Articles about life in New Zealand

XI. Travel to New Zealand and places to see in the country

When your business is stable and profitable, you can afford traveling around a bit. Because the authors of portal often travel on business, we know some things about New Zealand to share with you! Please read about some extraordinary, authentic, and even extreme types of vacation opportunities in New Zealand.

Articles about things to do in New Zealand on vacation

XII Taxation in New Zealand

As New Zealand is not an offshore jurisdiction, you cannot approach the issue of taxation carelessly if you are planning to relocate to the country. You have to determine the forms of asset ownership that will entail paying less in taxes when in New Zealand.

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in New Zealand

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