Companies, funds, and legal residency in the Netherlands

Welcome to the section that is dedicated to the Netherlands! Here you can find articles about registering a company or a fund in the country and about the opportunity to obtain legal residence there.

I. All products and services in the Netherlands

Here you can find descriptions of all our products and services available in the Netherlands.

II. Banks and banking industry in the Netherlands

Articles in this section describe the specifics of banking in the Netherlands. We inform the readers about the services that the banks in the country provide to their clients and the ways they obtain information about their clients from foreign colleagues.

Articles about banks and banking in the Netherlands

III. Companies in the Netherlands

How can you do business in the Netherlands? What types of companies can be registered there? How is the information about the company beneficiaries protected? Please find the answers to these and many other questions in this section.

Articles about companies in the Netherlands

IV. The Netherlands as an offshore business center

How the Netherlands can be used for offshore purposes even though the country is certainly not an offshore jurisdiction.

Articles about the Netherlands as an offshore business center

V. Taxes in the Netherlands and the country’s tax agreements

The tax system in the Netherlands and the tax-related agreements that the country has made.

Articles about taxes in the Netherlands and the tax agreements

VI. Funds in the Netherlands

This section is dedicated to fund registration in the Netherlands.

Articles about funds in the Netherlands

VII. Immigration to the Netherlands

How can you acquire legal residency in the Netherlands? Can you do so via purchasing property in the county or establishing a business company there? Can you obtain a second passport of the Netherlands? We answer these questions in this section.

Articles about immigration to the Netherlands

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