Citizenship by investment in Montenegro

Montenegro is a Balkan state that became fully independent when the Confederation of Serbia and Montenegro peacefully disintegrated in 2006. It is an official candidate for the EU membership, a NATO member state, and a country that offers its citizenship for investment.

The Montenegrin citizenship-by-investment program is rather young but it looks quite attractive to foreign investors. The passport of Montenegro allows visiting 117 countries without a visa including the Schengen zone states.

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I. All products and services in Montenegro

This section contains articles that describe all our products and services in Montenegro.

II. Montenegrin citizenship by investment and immigration to the country

Montenegro provides for an opportunity to acquire its citizenship by investing into real estate in the country. We discuss this opportunity seriously here.

III. Business in Montenegro

How can you start a company in Montenegro? What taxes are payable there, and what tax benefits are available to foreign investors in the country? Please find out in this section.

Articles about business in Montenegro

IV. Interesting and useful information about Montenegro

By reading the articles in this section, you can acquire a better understanding of the country of Montenegro. Only interesting and useful information!

V. Real property in Montenegro

Do you intend to rent, buy or sell real property in Montenegro? Before you do so, please read the articles in this section.

Articles about real estate in Montenegro

VI. Conferences in Montenegro

Seminars, conferences, business lunches, and other events taking place in Montenegro or related to the country in some way.

Articles about conferences in Montenegro

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