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Country section - Monaco

Monaco: legal residency, bank accounts, and VIP services in the principality

Monaco’s success story is truly inspiring for other ‘boutique states’. A tiny country without valuable natural resources can be glorious if it is wisely managed, if it attracts talented people, and if it has a bit of boldness and a bit of luck. The number of sable coats, diamonds, and Ferraris per a square mile in Monaco is beyond comparison. Those who live in the country can enjoy the palm trees, the yachts and the beaches almost all the year round. The French and the Italian Rivieras are nearby. The fragrant Provence and the Alps are only a little bit further away. All this beauty comes together with serious tax benefits. In Monaco, you will find everything that the Old Continent can offer to a wealthy individual.

This section is for those who would like to become Monegasques or at least spend an extended period of time in Monaco.

Country section - Monaco

Banks in Monaco are not for everybody. If you apply to us for opening a personal or a corporate bank account in the country, we will have to make sure that the bank suits you and that you suit the bank. We do not charge anything for this service. Simply contact our consultants at [email protected] and they will give you the link to an online questionnaire that you will have to complete. You can indicate in the appropriate field that your priority is establishing a bank account in Monaco.

I. Offshore industry products and services in Monaco

From this section, you can learn about our services in Monaco and their costs. We can assist you in opening a bank account in the country, registering a company, or acquiring legal residency there. Some products have only one Monegasque component part. For instance, a service package may include a Caribbean-registered company and a corporate bank account in Monaco.

II. Banks in Monaco and non-resident bank accounts in the country

In this section, we discuss the specifics of setting up a bank account in Monaco. We bring to your consideration mostly the banks in the country that are willing to service non-resident clients.

Articles about banks in Monaco

III. Legal residency in Monaco and second citizenship of the country

In this section, we show how you can obtain a legal residence permit in Monaco and what you have to do in order to keep it.

Articles about acquiring legal residency in Monaco

IV. Monaco in the offshore world

In this section, we discuss the role of Monaco in the offshore world and describe the jurisdiction as a tax haven and as an international business center.

V. Investments in Monaco real estate for obtaining legal residency in the country

In this section, we describe the opportunities to invest into real property in Monaco.

Articles about investing into real estate in Monaco

VI. Events in Monaco for HNWIs

In this section, we inform the readers about conferences, forums, and summits in Monaco where asset protection mechanisms are discussed. The articles here may be of interest for High Net Worth Individuals.

Upcoming conferences, forums, and summits in Monaco for professionals

VII. Monaco tax and automatic exchange of information agreements

Here we discuss various tax-related agreements that Monaco has signed including double taxation avoidance agreements. We also dot all the i’s in what concerns automatic exchange of fiscal information. We would like the readers of portal to make a clear difference between banking privacy and information confidentiality in Monaco.

Articles about Monaco agreements on automatic exchange of information and on avoidance of double taxation

VIII. News from Monaco

In this section, we cover the news that is related to business and banking in Monaco.

Monaco news

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