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Moldova: legal residency and citizenship by investment

The Republic of Moldova, or Moldavia, is a former Soviet republic that can be attractive for foreigners due to the citizenship-by-investment Government program that it offers.

The program was launched as recently as 2018 and you can be among the first group of foreign nationals to apply for Moldavian citizenship!

Country section - Moldova

Please find information about Moldova below. If any questions about the country remain, please send them to [email protected].

I. Everything about products and services in Moldova

In this section, you can find information about our products and services available in Moldova. The central opportunity that we discuss is acquiring legal residency in Moldova and citizenship of the country.

Articles about products and services in Moldavia

II. Immigration to Moldova

The most up-to-date and useful information about immigrating to Moldova. How can you acquire the Moldavian passport in exchange for investment? How is the Moldavian immigration program different from other such programs? What countries can you visit without a visa with the passport of Moldova? You can find the answers to these and many other questions in this section.

Articles about immigration to Moldova

III. Business in Moldavia

The specifics of doing business in Moldova, the corporate legislation, and the facts that you need to know before going into business in the country.

Articles about business in Moldova

IV. Conferences in and about Moldova

Interesting and informative conferences in Moldova and about Moldova.

Articles about Moldavian conferences

V. News from Moldova for entrepreneurs considering registering a company in the country

The news in this section will also be of interest to those who plan to become tax residents in Moldova.

Moldavian news

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