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Mauritius: offshore companies and legal residency by investment

Mauritius is an island state in the Indian Ocean. It is the second largest economy in Africa after the Seychelles.

Mauritius is ranked 25th in the world rating for the ease of doing business. Besides, it is the most competitive market in Africa, according to the World Economic Forum report.

Mauritius has launched a residency-by-investment program quite recently. When a foreign investor buys real property in Mauritius, he or she thus obtains the right of abode in the country and this right is preserved until the property remains in the investor’s possession.

Country section - Mauritius

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I. All products and services in Mauritius

In this section, you will find information related to Mauritius. First and foremost, we talk about company registration in the country.

II. Mauritius for international business

What is advantageous about Mauritius for international businesses? For a long time, Mauritius was popular with entrepreneurs from India but now European, American, and Russian investors are starting to consider the country seriously.

Articles about Mauritius for international business

III. Mauritius as an offshore jurisdiction

Who should find the offshore jurisdiction of Mauritius attractive? What should you know about the country before starting a business there? The articles in this section answer these and other related questions.

IV. Mauritius legal residence and citizenship

Mauritius looks inviting not only as a tourist destination and as a growing financial center but also as a country where you can acquire a second passport. This section discusses the process of becoming a legal resident and a citizen of Mauritius.

Articles about Mauritius legal residence and citizenship

V. Corporate legislation in Mauritius

In this section, we discuss the recent changes in the Mauritius corporate legislation.

Articles about amendments to Mauritius corporate legislation

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