Offshore companies in the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is a tiny state in the Pacific Ocean not far away from Micronesia. It is in free association with the USA. The main sectors of economy in the Marshall Islands are the service industry, agriculture, and tourism.

The country is a popular offshore jurisdiction due to its low taxes. The local currency is the US dollar.

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I. All products and services in the Marshall Islands

Please find the descriptions of our products and services in the Marshall Islands in this section.

II. Business in the Marshall Islands

How can you start a company in the Marshall Islands? Where do you begin and what is special about companies registered in this offshore jurisdiction? We answer these questions here.

III. Marshall Islands as an offshore jurisdiction

The characteristics of the offshore jurisdiction and the reasons why you should choose it.

Articles about the Marshall Islands as an offshore jurisdiction

IV. Interesting facts about the Marshall Islands

Curious, surprising, and useful facts about the Marshall Islands.

Entertaining articles about the Marshall Islands

V. Company registration and maintenance in the Marshall Islands

In this section, we discuss the aspects of registering and servicing business companies in the Marshall Islands. We also describe the possible practical applications of such companies including the establishment of a corporate bank account in a different jurisdiction.

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