Malta: companies and bank accounts, legal residency and citizenship of the county

This section of portal contains articles about Malta. Maltese-registered companies are very interesting for international tax planning but Malta is also an attractive country for acquiring legal residency there. Here we talk about the applications of Malta for offshore and international business purposes. From this section, you can also learn about the Maltese banks and the opportunity to obtain a gambling license and an online business license in the country.

I. All products and services in Malta

In this section, you can find the descriptions of all our products and service packages that have at least one Maltese element – a company, a bank account, or a license.

II. Malta for international tax planning

Here we analyze the methods of using Maltese-registered companies for international tax planning.

Articles about international tax planning with the help of Malta

III. Malta for doing business and for living

In this section, we describe Malta as an offshore jurisdiction, as a tax haven, as an international financial center, and simply as country for living and doing business there.

Articles about Malta for doing business and for living

IV. Agreements on double taxation avoidance that Malta has signed

Here we analyze the double taxation avoidance agreements that Malta has signed with other national states.

Articles about the Maltese agreements on double taxation avoidance

V. News from Malta

Important political, economic, and business news that are capable of affecting your Maltese-based company.

Maltese news

VI. Comparing business and banking opportunities in Malta with those in other countries

Here we describe the specifics of doing business via a Maltese-registered company: what you have to know before you decide to establish presence in this jurisdiction.

Articles about the specifics of doing business in Malta

VII. Maltese legal residence and citizenship

In this section, you can find a detailed description of the opportunity to acquire legal residence in Malta. We provide the most important information.

VIII. Malta as an international business and banking center

What role does Malta play in the international arena? Why is it a global financial and business center? These are the questions that we answer in this section.

Articles about Malta as an international financial and business center

IX. Maltese economic citizenship or citizenship-by-investment

Here you can find information about the Maltese economic citizenship program.

Articles about acquiring economic citizenship of Malta

X. Company registration in Malta

Articles about how to start a company in Malta, how to maintain it, and how to make it profitable.

Articles about company registration in Malta

XI. Registration and taxation of ships in Malta

Malta is a popular homeport for many ships. In this section, we describe the ship registration process in Malta as well as the advantages that it can bring.

Articles about registration and taxation of ships in Malta

XII. Taxes in Malta

In this section, we describe the taxation system in Malta and talk about both personal and corporate taxes. We also discuss the changes in the Maltese corporate tax legislation. The Government of the country wants to change it for the better but the EU authorities are pressuring it to change the legislation for the worse.

XIII. Cryptocurrencies and ICO projects in Malta

In this section, we describe Malta as a jurisdiction suitable for cryptocurrency projects.

Articles about cryptocurrencies and ICO projects in Malta

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