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Madeira: companies, real estate, and golden visas

Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal that is located on an island archipelago of the same name. As it is a Portuguese territory, it is naturally part of the EU but it enjoys some privileges as a remote region.

Madeira is a special economic zone where you can find some tax and business benefits.

In addition, Madeira is a place of marine vessel registration.

Madeira is also a popular tourist destination. Resort property is highly prized there.

As Madeira is part of Portugal, the Portuguese ‘golden visa’ program covers this region too. The most widespread method of obtaining a Portuguese ‘golden visa’ is by investing into real estate in the country.

Country section - Madeira

If you have questions about Madeira, our consultants will gladly answer them. Please contact us via email: [email protected].

I. Products and services connected with Madeira

Here you will find all the information about our products and services in available Madeira. If you are interested in some other services, please make a request by writing to the email address specified above.

II. A golden visa to Madeira: become a resident of Madeira

Thanks to the Portuguese ‘golden visa’ program, you can become a legal resident in Madeira. If you bring some investments into the Portuguese economy, you can obtain the right to reside on the territory of the country where the weather is fine for the best part of the year.

Articles about the ‘golden visa’ to Madeira

III. Real estate in Madeira

Where and how can you purchase real property in Madeira? How much does it cost? What nuances should you take into consideration when choosing the property to buy in Madeira? Please find the answers in this section.

Articles about real property in Madeira

IV. Business in Madeira

Here you can find out how to register a company in Madeira and what benefits this will bring. We will be happy to answer your questions about this opportunity.

Articles about company registration and business in Madeira

V. Madeira lifestyle

In this section, we describe the peculiarities of the lifestyle in Madeira.

Articles about the lifestyle in Madeira

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