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Luxembourg: tax solutions, reputable banks, and attractive investment options

Together with Switzerland and Singapore, Luxembourg used to be one of the jurisdictions popular with HNWIs. Some scandals broke out in 2014, however, but they should not make us write Luxembourg off. Instead, we will follow the process of revival of this tiny state at the heart of Europe. We expect that the country will regain the status of the financial center of the world.

Country section - Luxembourg

I. Onshore industry products in Luxembourg

In this section, we describe all our products and services that have at least one element in Luxembourg be it a company, a bank account, a fund, or a residency permit.

II. Company registration in Luxembourg

This section discusses the specifics of registering and maintaining a business company in Luxembourg. Here we also follow the news about the corporate legislation in the country.

III. Fund registration in Luxembourg

In this section, we discuss the possibility to register various kinds of funds in Luxembourg.

Articles about fund registration in Luxembourg

IV. Banks and banking industry in Luxembourg

Here we describe the banking system in Luxembourg and the possibilities to open non-resident bank account in the country – personal and corporate.

Articles about banks in Luxembourg and their services

V. Immigration to Luxembourg and life in the country

In this section, we discuss acquiring legal residency in Luxembourg and the passport of the country. Here we also talk about life and entertainments in Luxembourg.

VI. Luxembourg as a European offshore jurisdiction and international financial center

In this section, we compare Luxembourg with other financial centers of the world. We also keep you informed about the Luxembourg-related scandals should such scandals appear as well as the international pressure applied to Luxembourg if there is any. We also discuss the place of the country in various international ratings such as the ease of doing business, for instance.

Articles about the role of Luxembourg in the international business world

VII. Double taxation avoidance agreements that Luxembourg has signed

Here we analyze the agreements on double taxation avoidance and agreements on fiscal information exchange that Luxembourg has signed with other national states.

Articles about Luxembourg double taxation avoidance agreements

VIII. Business in Luxembourg

In this section, we describe the auxiliary services that are required for establishing ‘economic substance’ for a Luxembourg-based company such as renting an office, for example.

Articles about doing business in Luxembourg

IX. Taxes in Luxembourg

In this section, we discuss the taxation system in Luxembourg, talk about personal and corporate taxes in the country, and inform the readers about the amendments to the tax legislation in Luxembourg.

Articles about taxes and tax legislation in Luxembourg

X. News from Luxembourg for international business people and business immigrants

In this section, we publish the news that may affect your decision to register a company in Luxembourg, open a bank account in the country, or relocate there for living. The articles found here will help you make balanced decisions.

News from Luxembourg of interest to expats and international businesspersons

XI. Corporate and tax legislation in Luxembourg

Here you can find news about the corporate and tax legislation in Luxembourg.

Articles on the topic

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