Companies and legal residency in Lithuania

The Baltic State of Lithuania offers the opportunity to foreign investors to register a company there or to buy an existing one. It is also possible to acquire a legal residency permit in the country. Lithuania is especially welcoming to startups.

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I. All products and services that are connected with Lithuania

Please learn about our Lithuanian products and services from this section.

II. Companies in Lithuania

Lithuanian-registered companies can be used for trade and other traditional businesses as well as for organizing financial startups and even making ICOs.

Articles about companies in Lithuania

III. Immigration to Lithuania

How can you acquire legal residency in Lithuania? How can you become a citizen of an EU country? You can learn about it from this section.

Articles about immigration to Lithuania

IV. Taxes in Lithuania and the country’s tax agreements

Everything about Lithuanian taxes and tax agreements can be found in this section.

Articles about Lithuanian taxes and tax agreements

V. Real estate in Lithuania

Should you buy real property in Lithuania and if yes, of what kind? We answer these questions in the articles published in this section.

Articles about real property in Lithuania

VI. Banks and banking industry in Lithuania

In this section, we discuss the characteristics of the banking system in Lithuania, the account opening procedures, and the relevant changes in the local legislation.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Lithuania

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