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Lichtenstein: funds and bank accounts in Europe

Welcome to the section about Lichtenstein. Here you can find out about taxes, bank accounts, and funds in the Alpine country.

Even though Lichtenstein is often referred to as an offshore zone, people and organizations are taxed in the country. The taxes include the income tax, the wealth tax, and the corporate tax. There are no gift nor inheritance tax in Lichtenstein though. Only the tax residents of the country are taxed in Lichtenstein.

Not only foreign investors can enjoy low taxes in Lichtenstein (as it often happens in classic offshore jurisdictions) but all people in the country can do so.

Country section - Lichtenstein

In addition to the low taxes, Lichtenstein is famous for providing a high level of banking privacy and high-quality banking services. You can set up a bank account in Lichtenstein for personal or for corporate purposes.

Lichtenstein funds deserve special attention. This type of legal entity allows enhancing asset protection, easily transferring property rights to heirs, and legally saving on taxes.

You can learn about these and other matters by reading the articles in this section. If you have questions about Lichtenstein, please contact our consultants via email [email protected] and they will give you exhaustive answers.

I. All products and services connected with Lichtenstein

We have put articles about all our Lichtenstein products and services in this section. Funds, bank accounts, and so on.

II. Banks and banking industry in Lichtenstein

The Lichtenstein banking system attracts investors and depositors from all over the world. From this section, you can learn about the specifics of banking in Lichtenstein as well as characteristics of several individual banks in the country.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Lichtenstein

III. Lichtenstein taxes and tax agreements

Sometimes Lichtenstein is listed among offshore jurisdictions but there are taxes in the country. Besides, it has signed tax agreements with a number of national states. These are the two main issues that are discussed in this section.

Articles about Lichtenstein taxes and tax agreements

IV. Funds in Lichtenstein

Funds in Lichtenstein deserve a separate discussion. Please find more about them in this section.

Articles about funds in Lichtenstein

V. Lichtenstein as an offshore jurisdiction

What advantages does Lichtenstein offer as an international tax haven? What do other national states think of it?

Articles about Lichtenstein as an offshore jurisdiction

VI. Corporate legislation in Lichtenstein

In this section, we describe the amendments to the Lichtenstein corporate legislation that are sometimes introduced.

Articles about changes in Lichtenstein corporate legislation

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