Latvia: companies, banks, holdings, and everything about acquiring Latvian residency and citizenship

Dear readers of portal! In this section, we are putting a number of new interesting articles about some special offers from Latvian banks as well as the possibilities to acquire Latvian residency and citizenship by purchasing good-quality residential accommodations in the country or by investing into existing Latvian companies. Here you can also learn about high-interest fiduciary deposits in Latvian banks and many other exciting opportunities.

I. All products and services that have Latvian components

In this section, we describe our ‘offshore’ products and services in Latvia that may be of interest to international business people.

II. Everything about personal and corporate taxes in Latvia and about the agreements on double taxation avoidance that the country has signed

This section is dedicated to the Latvian taxation system. The information published here is of interest to those who would like to make a Latvian-based company an element of their business structures and for those who are thinking of acquiring legal residency in Latvia.

Articles about taxes in Latvia

III. Banks and bank accounts in Latvia: special offers for investors seeking to acquire residency in the country

In this section, we describe various interesting investment opportunities offered by Latvian banks. The articles here will be interesting for those wishing to acquire legal residency in Latvia by investing into a local bank. Latvian banks are known as successful investors into international markets. Please learn how you can safely invest into a foreign market via a Latvian bank. Here we also describe some other interesting offers that the banks in the country make such as the opportunity to take a fiduciary loan and open a merchant account to accept online card payments.

Articles about banks and bank accounts in Latvia

IV. Legal and accounting services in Latvia + virtual offices in the country

In this section, we describe the legal and accounting services that you can obtain in Latvia and quote their costs. The ‘virtual office’ service is also very well developed and Latvia and you can find the relevant information in this section too.

Articles on the topic

V. Company registration procedures and types of companies in Latvia; registration and maintenance of holdings, branches, representation offices, and subsidiaries in Latvia

This section describes the process and the specifics of registering different types of companies in Latvia as well as reasons why you should do it.

Articles on the topic

VI. Latvian legal residency and citizenship

From this section, you can learn how to acquire legal residency in Latvia, that is, in Europe. Besides, you will find out how temporary residence can turn into permanent residence and then into full citizenship of Latvia, that is, of Europe.

Articles on the topic

VII. Purchase of real estate in Latvia for acquiring legal residency in the country and more

In this section, we describe various interesting development project that can be found in Latvia.

Articles about real estate in Latvia

VIII. Organizing life and business in Latvia

The articles in this section will be of interest to those readers who are planning to turn their temporary residence in the country into permanent residence and live in Latvia for ten years or more.

Articles on the topic

IX. Interesting conferences in Latvia and about Latvia

Latvia is a popular place to hold conferences and a great number of international business-related conferences are held there every year. Please follow the news about Latvian conferences!

Articles about conferences in Latvia

X. Corporate data validation in Latvia and detective services

Articles on the topic

XI. Travel around Latvia on business and for pleasure

Articles on the topic

XII. Latvia in the offshore world

In this section, we describe Latvia as a jurisdiction where you can establish a holding. We also follow the success of the country in turning into an international financial center.

Articles on the topic

XIII. Virtual offices in Latvia

Articles on the topic

XIV. Building economic substance in Latvia

In this section, we discuss the issue of obtaining economic substance for your Latvian-registered company.

Articles about obtaining economic substance in Latvia

XV. Company registration in Latvia

In this section, we show how you can establish a business company in Latvia.

Articles about company incorporation in Latvia

XVI. Interesting news from Latvia

In this section, we cover the latest Latvian news that may have a bearing on your decision to relocate to the country, to establish a company there, or open a bank account.

Latvian news

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