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Companies and bank accounts in Labuan

Labuan is a federal territory of Malaysia. It has some freedoms, however, as far as its taxation system and the local legislation are concerned.

Currently, Labuan is one of the most popular low-tax jurisdiction that is favored by many large international corporations. The territory has a predictable and a beneficial taxation system. Labuan is also a free port where the turnover tax, the excise tax, and some other taxes are not payable.

Foreign nationals are entitled to open corporate bank accounts in Labuan for locally registered companies. The accounts can be opened remotely.

Country section - Labuan

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I. All products and services in Labuan

For your convenience, we have put all articles about products and services available in Labuan in one place. If you are interested in a service in the territory that is not described in this section, please make an inquiry about it by sending a message to the email address specified above.

II. Banks and banking industry in Labuan

This section is dedicated to Labuan banking industry and the specifics of banking services in the territory.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Labuan

III. Business in Labuan

Is establishing a business company in Labuan worth considering? How can you set up a company in Labuan? We answer these and other related questions in this section.

IV. Labuan as an offshore business center

What advantages does Labuan offer to the international business? Who should turn their eyes to Labuan? What are the development perspectives for the territory? Please find the answers in this section.

Articles about Labuan as an offshore business center

V. Labuan taxes and tax agreements

The characteristics of the Labuan tax system and more.

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