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Kyrgyzstan: bank accounts and business companies

Kyrgyzstan is probably not the brightest player in the field but the country is stably developing and it offers some opportunities that you can use. Its economy is based on agriculture as well as gold, uranium, and rare earth metals mining. Besides, the tourist sector is growing in Kyrgyzstan.

The country has established strong trade relations with the neighboring countries and China in particular. Chinese investors are putting money in infrastructure development in Kyrgyzstan.

It is possible to open a foreign bank account in Kyrgyzstan.

Country section - Kyrgyzstan

Should you have questions about this jurisdiction please contact us via email [email protected].

I. Products and services in Kyrgyzstan

We invite you to use our corporate and offshore services in Kyrgyzstan. We will gladly assist you in setting up a bank account in the country.

II. Banks and banking industry in Kyrgyzstan

Here we discuss the workings of the banking industry in Kyrgyzstan and show how the local banks can be used in international business operations.

Articles about banks and banking services in Kyrgyzstan

III. Company registration in Kyrgyzstan

How can you establish a company in Kyrgyzstan? What benefits will it bring? What kind of business ventures are welcome in the local markets? We answer these and other similar questions in this section.

Articles about companies and business in Kyrgyzstan

IV. Kyrgyzstan taxes and tax agreements

What and who is taxed in Kyrgyzstan and what tax agreements has the country made with other national states? This is what this section discusses.

Articles about Kyrgyzstan taxes and tax agreements

V. Interesting events in Kyrgyzstan

Would you like to know about business-related events in Kyrgyzstan? Welcome to this section!

Articles about business-related events in Kyrgyzstan

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