Kazakhstan: companies and bank accounts in the country

Entrepreneurs look for new ways to develop their businesses and some of them may find Kazakhstan an interesting destination. In this section, we have put articles about companies and bank accounts in Kazakhstan. In addition, we discuss the possibilities that Kazakhs can make use of in order to widen their perspectives, move to other places and/ or protect their assets.

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I. Products and services associated with Kazakhstan

We have put information about all our products and services in Kazakhstan in this section.

II. Companies and business in Kazakhstan

Here we describe the uses of Kazakhstan-based companies in international business and we also discuss the opportunities that Kazakh entrepreneurs can find in other countries.

Articles about companies and business in Kazakhstan

III. Banks and banking industry in Kazakhstan

How can you open a bank account in Kazakhstan? How does the banking system in the country work? We answer these and similar questions in this section.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Kazakhstan

IV. Taxes in Kazakhstan and the tax agreements it has made

Here we publish articles about the international tax agreements that Kazakhstan has signed with other countries and analyze how these agreements can be used correctly and efficiently.

Articles about taxes in Kazakhstan and its tax agreements

V. For citizens of Kazakhstan: how to open a foreign company

Where and how can you open a foreign company if you live in Kazakhstan? Can you do it without leaving home? Please find the answers in this section.

Articles about opening a foreign company for citizens of Kazakhstan

VI. For citizens of Kazakhstan: how foreign-registered companies can be used

How can citizens of Kazakhstan use their companies registered abroad? Asset protection, capital growth, property right protection, and many other uses of a foreign-registered company!

Articles about the uses of foreign-registered companies for citizens of Kazakhstan

VII. Emigration from Kazakhstan

Where can you relocate from Kazakhstan and how can you do it? What possibilities do Kazakhs have of acquiring legal residency in a foreign country and a second passport? Please read this section to find out.

Articles about emigration from Kazakhstan

VIII. Interesting facts about Kazakhstan

Surprising and highly useful facts about Kazakhstan that you will appreciate if you are planning to visit the country for business or private purposes.

Articles with interesting facts about Kazakhstan

IX. Conferences and other similar events in Kazakhstan

Professional conferences and other useful forums, exhibitions, and seminars held in Kazakhstan or related to Kazakhstan.

Articles about conferences in Kazakhstan

X. Kazakhstan tax and trade agreements

In this section, we discuss the double taxation avoidance agreements that Kazakhstan has signed as well as its information exchange agreements. Here you can also learn about the free trade agreements that Kazakhstan has made with other national states.

Articles about Kazakhstan tax and trade agreements

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