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Hungary: bank accounts, trusts, companies, and immigration to the country

This section is dedicated entirely to Hungary. At the first glance, Hungary may not seem an attractive offshore jurisdiction nor a business center. However, some interesting offers can be found in the country including the possibility to open a foreign bank account and to register a company or a trust there.

Country section - Hungary

A short time ago, Hungary had a unique citizenship-by-investment program but it was terminated in 2017. At the same time, there are other national states that run similar programs and if you are interested, we recommend that you consider the Caribbean basin countries first.

I. Products and services related to Hungary

The articles in this section describe the products and services available in Hungary. Trusts, companies, personal and corporate bank accounts – Hungary offers a great number of opportunities.

II. Hungarian banks and banking industry

We discuss the characteristics of the Hungarian banking industry in this section.

III. Business companies in Hungary

Foreign nationals can establish business companies in Hungary. If you want to succeed in this matter, you have to understand the specifics of doing business in the country. The articles in this section will provide for such understanding.

IV. Hungary’s taxes, taxation system, and tax agreements

We discuss tax-related issues in this section. As far as taxes are concerned, Hungary can be thought of as a competitor to Ireland.

Articles about Hungary’s taxes, taxation system, and tax agreements

V. Immigration to Hungary

In this section, you will find information about the ways to acquire legal residence in Hungary, learn about the now inexistent business migration program, and other immigration-related topics.

Articles about immigration to Hungary

VI. Life in Hungary

Places to visit in Hungary, sights to see, ways to have fun – this is what the articles in this section are about.

Articles about living and having fun in Hungary

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