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The International Wealth website opens the door to the exciting world of international and offshore business for you. Not only will you find detailed and informative articles thereon offering insightful advice for businessmen and potential immigrants alike but also get step-by-step guides and ready-made solutions for multiple challenges and situations you may encounter along the road. With International Wealth assistance, your business will enjoy high acclaim and international success. 

Within over a dozen years in business, the International Wealth accomplished experts came up with 20,000+ articles offering knowledge and professional advice as to multiple jurisdictions and countries, and the number is growing constantly.

Finding your way within such a breadth of information may be a challenge. Here’s why we developed this section with helpful visual content. Assisted by the engaging illustrations below, you’ll navigate the International Wealth portal much easier.  

Feel free to use the 2 top navigation menu bars to get initial info on the subjects you are interested in.

The 1st navigation menu bar is in the website header:

It primarily contains technical info, e.g., confidentiality terms, payment options, and ways to contact the International Wealth team. The latter are various. Our customers are welcome to use email, website messengers, or the International Wealth contact phones. 

We encourage our readers and customers to message us with their questions and comments under EACH article. For your convenience, every website page has an online chat. Feel free to use it to communicate to the International Wealth experts online and ask them any questions or request a detailed consultation.

Many articles have English and Spanish versions. Both you and your business partners may turn to them if these are your native or working languages. 

Below, we’ll discuss the Search menu item in more detail.

Use the 2nd navigation menu bar to get the useful info you require.

If undecided about the country or jurisdiction to pick or unsure whether a foreign company, an offshore trust or fund should be your choice and if you require a bank or a payment system account, do use the above navigation menu bar to search for the said info. 

Each website section contains subsections allowing for an in-depth study of issues that may arouse your interest. The Offshore Bank Accounts section details differences between foreign and offshore bank accounts, various payment systems accounts, ways to obtain a foreign bank card or open a merchant account, wherever in the world you may reside or run your business.

Offshore Bank Accounts

The Search field saves you plenty of time. Using it, you’ll find the information you need at the double. The Search function on the International Wealth website allows you to search the whole website for the data you require and handles most queries, regardless of the type.

Site search

To use the Search option, click in the field and enter your request. 

NB: words should have no endings when you enter your request. This will allow you to search for materials that contain different word forms matching the said request. Thus, a search request for German compan will bring you search results containing German company and German companies, etc.

If you are a theory wonk interested in a certain service or product only,  don’t hesitate to turn to the Offshore Industry Products and Services section.


In the above section, the International Wealth services are broken down by type, including foreign accounts, bank cards, companies, etc.

Services from professionals of our portal

By clicking the Order button below each article, you’ll find yourself on the International Wealth website page containing the list of jurisdictions for you to open an offshore or a foreign bank account:

Services by jurisdiction

The International Wealth website homepage https://internationalwealth.info/en/ comes with several useful instruments that may be found on the above webpage to your right. 

All the articles and other useful materials available on the International Wealth website are broken down by country.

Articles and services by country and region

If a working present-day offshore jurisdiction is what you need, you should click the corresponding section and choose, say, Nevis:

When finished, feel free to look through the services, educational content, insights, analytical materials, and many more offers for the above offshore jurisdiction.

Going back to the International Wealth website home page, you will find the Second Citizenship and Passport section at the bottom thereof. You are welcome to read it through in order to learn how you can obtain a second passport and citizenship abroad seamlessly through a legal passway:

Second citizenship by investment

The section is a must for you to study in detail, if you are looking to secure freedom, safety, and asset diversification for both yourself and your loved ones. With everything that happened within the last decade, it is beyond doubt vital to have at least 2 or more foreign passports to secure easy travel, issue-free investment, and freedom of movement, including, inter alia, free choice of residence. At this point, citizenship by investment is the fastest way to obtain a second passport. It will take you 45+ days, depending on the chosen jurisdiction and your preferences.

International Wealth offers both free and paid consultations for our costumes eager to obtain citizenship by investment, residence permits or permanent residency abroad. The ones interested in business immigration or any related issues are welcome to visit International Wealth offices or contact us at info@offshore-pro.info.

Apart from counselling on second passport options, International Wealth clients may book consultations as to receiving the so-called Golden Visas, i.e., residence permits or citizenship by investment in foreign jurisdictions.

Golden visa costs vary depending on the jurisdiction and investment type chosen. Investments in business, real estate, and securities are all different as are amounts thereof. At times, investors and golden visa program applicants may combine different investment types.

The International Wealth weathered consultants assist investors with finding, selecting, and purchasing real estate. The latter may be represented by profit-generating investment properties, investments made to protect funds from inflation, and assets purchased to secure extra benefits for the buyers, such as residence permits, permanent residence, or second citizenship abroad.

With the oldest and highly respected Nevis citizenship by investment scheme, program applicants may obtain a second passport in Nevis by investing in the special-purpose state fund or purchasing real estate on the island. 

Let’s get back to the International Wealth website homepage. Below, you will find the Calendar:


The function allows users to filter articles on the website by date. Using it, you’ll be able to select the latest articles or study publications as of a specific date in the past.

Below, you will find free International Wealth consultation offers on the website

Corporate bank account

How to choose foreign bank accounts for your company.

Personal bank accounts

How to choose personal foreign bank accounts for natural persons.

Account in payment systems

How to select and use payment systems as an alternative to standard bank accounts. The option is good for high-risk businesses, e.g., cryptocurrency, e-wallet, forex-related ones, etc.

Hopefully, with the above guide you’ll find the International Wealth website navigation easier, and your user experience with it will allow for more efficient time usage and information search. For any questions, comments, or urgent requests please contact the International Wealth consultants at info@offshore-pro.info or via online messengers in the Contact Us website section.

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