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Business companies and bank accounts in Hong Kong

You can register a company in the midshore jurisdiction of Hong Kong and do business in Asia or all around the world. You can set up a bank account in the well-known HSBS Hong Kong or in various other banks that can be found in this territory. If you register a company in Hong Kong via Offshore Pro Group, you will be able to obtain high-quality maintenance services right from Hong Kong. Accounting support, audit, tax reporting – all kinds of services are available in Hong Kong with our assistance.

In this section, the readers of Internationalwealth.info portal can find the information about living and doing business in Hong Kong. Here you can learn about organizing business in the territory, registering companies there, purchasing ready-made companies that can even have a history, and so on. You can find out how to open a bank account in Hong Kong (with a personal visit or without it) and how accounting and auditing procedures are carried out in the jurisdiction. Our experienced and reliable partners in Hong Kong will assist you with legalizing documents, recruiting staff, registering trademarks, renting office space, organizing business meetings, and so on. They will also provide assistance in transporting goods to Hong Kong and help with the customs documentation.

I. All products that have Hong Kong elements

I. All products that have Hong Kong elements

Articles about products and services in Hong Kong

II. Agreements on avoidance of double taxation and free trade agreements that Hong Kong has made

In this section, we discuss and analyze international tax and other agreements that Hong Kong has signed with foreign countries.

III. Taxes and taxation system in Hong Kong

Smart people read Internationalwealth.info portal. They like to look beneath the surface and ask questions about personal and corporate taxes in Hong Kong. We answer the questions about taxes here never suppressing information about any of them.

Articles about taxes in Hong Kong

IV. Applications of Hong Kong-based companies

In this section, we discuss how Hong Kong-registered companies are applicable in various spheres of international business. We provide a number of practical examples of such applications.

Articles about practical applications of Hong Kong companies in international business

V. Everything about registering and maintaining firms and companies in Hong Kong

In this section, we answer questions about Hong Kong companies that our readers frequently ask. By the way, it is important to study the FAQs section related to offshore companies, as some of the questions might have never come to your head while knowing the answers to them can be crucial. Here we share the wisdom of our readers with you as well as our own experience in managing offshore companies. It is vitally important to keep a Hong Kong-registered company going as you may face a court sentence if you leave the company idle for a couple of years. Thus, if you want to use all the advantages that a Hong Kong company can bring while avoiding the prison sentence, please read the articles in this section.

VI. Doing business in Hong Kong as compared to doing business in other countries

As we have vast experience in establishing and maintaining business companies in other countries, in this section, we compare Hong Kong not only with Singapore as it is commonly done but also with European and Latin American countries.

Articles about advantages and specifics of doing business in Hong Kong in comparison with other countries

VII. Banks and bank accounts in Hong Kong

Opening a bank account in Hong Kong remotely is one of the most challenging tasks that the contemporary offshore service industry has to solve. The matter is that the lists of ‘high-risk’ jurisdictions that every Hong Kong bank will have change all the time. A professional company incorporator will openly tell you that it is impossible to set up a bank account in Hong Kong remotely with your personal data when it is. He or she will also openly tell you that you cannot open a bank account in Hong Kong even on a personal visit there if this is the case.

If the applicant for banking services in Hong Kong is a citizen or a legal resident in Southeast Asia or in Europe or in Latin America, there should be no problems establishing a bank account for him or her in Hong Kong. Thus, if you would like to obtain services from a Hong Kong bank, maybe you should acquire a Caribbean or a European passport first.

As we are interested in making money by assisting clients with setting up foreign bank accounts, we provide only the most reliable and most recent information about Hong Kong banks at Internationalwealth.info portal. This information comes directly from our Hong Kong partners. Anyway, we urge you to inquire about the possibility to set up a bank account in Hong Kong in your personal case by writing to us to info@offshore-pro.info. In some instances, opening a bank account in this jurisdiction may be totally impossible. In other instances, however, an account can be opened even without your personal presence.

Articles about Hong Kong banks, banking system, and bank accounts

VIII. Bank accounts for Hong Kong-registered companies in foreign jurisdictions

In this section, we discuss the banking opportunities that your Hong Kong-based company can make use of. We can offer over fifty different combinations if you would like to open an account for your Hong Kong company in a foreign country without ever paying a visit there.

Articles about bank accounts for Hong Kong-based companies in foreign jurisdictions

IX. Life in Hong Kong, immigration, and relocation to Hong Kong

With time, some of our readers and clients come to the conclusion that they have to move to Hong Kong with their families for business purposes or that they have to send a trusted person there to keep an eye on their business operations. Such clients should make up the target audience for the articles published in this section.

Articles about immigration to Hong Kong, the relocation process, and life in Hong Kong

X. Office rent in Hong Kong

There are a great number of small and medium-size business companies in Hong Kong while the available space is rather limited in the territory. High demand for and limited supply of, office space in Hong Kong make the prices go up. Only the professional local residents who keep track of the situation in the market can help you find an adequate office in a nice district at an affordable price.

Articles about renting offices in Hong Kong

XI. Hong Kong business culture

In this section, we talk about the culture, traditions, and business etiquette in Hong Kong. In this territory as well as in mainland China, you can ruin your business with the wrong nod of the head or with a business card of the wrong color! Try passing your business card with one hand in Hong Kong and you will see it flying into the wastebasket. We can omit talking about business etiquette when discussing most other jurisdictions but we cannot do so in the cases of Hong Kong and China.

Articles about business culture and business etiquette in Hong Kong

XII. Corporate and tax legislation in Hong Kong

In this section, we discuss the parts of Hong Kong legislation that govern business operations in the territory as well as the life of its legal residents.

Articles about Hong Kong legislation

XIII. Setting up a local business in Hong Kong

Seven million people live in Hong Kong and thirty more million people visit the territory every year. They can spend money on your products or services if you decide to start a company in Hong Kong. We support our clients who would like to establish companies in Hong Kong and do business there rather than internationally.

Articles about organizing a local business in Hong Kong and obtaining a business license there

XIV. Hong Kong news

Here we cover the most recent news that may have an impact on company registration processes in Hong Kong, on bank account opening procedures, or other relevant spheres of business and life in general.

Hong Kong news articles

XV. Intellectual property right protection and trademark registration in Hong Kong

In this section, we describe Hong Kong as a jurisdiction where you can protect your intellectual property rights and register your trademarks.

Articles about trademark registration and intellectual property right protection in Hong Kong

XVI. Hong Kong as an offshore jurisdiction and international tax haven

In this section, we discuss Hong Kong as an international banking center, a midshore jurisdiction, a tax haven, a jurisdiction that applies the principle of territorial taxation, and an international business center.

Articles about Hong Kong as an offshore jurisdiction and international tax haven

XVII. Investments in Hong Kong

In this section, we describe the opportunities to invest into Hong Kong as well as the opportunities to invest into other countries in Southeast Asia via Hong Kong-based business structures.

Articles about investments in Hong Kong

XVIII. Education in Hong Kong

In this section, you can find articles about Hong Kong universities. You will learn how bachelor, master, and PhD degrees can by acquired in Hong Kong. We have specialists among out partners who would be happy to guide your children through the process of applying to higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

Articles about higher education in Hong Kong and university entrance exams

XIX. Real estate in Hong Kong

In this section, you can find the news from Hong Kong real estate market. Here you will also find some interesting property pieces for sale in the territory.

Articles about real estate in Hong Kong

XX. Hong Kong cooperation with other jurisdictions

In this section, we cover the issues related to Hong Kong cooperation with other offshore, midshore, and onshore jurisdictions.

+ Articles about Hong Kong cooperation with other countries in international business development

XXI. Audit in Hong Kong

We talk about auditing services in Hong Kong in this section. Here you can learn about the rules and the requirements related to auditing business companies in the territory.

Articles about audit in Hong Kong

XXII. Company liquidation in Hong Kong

In this section, you will find information about the methods of closing Hong Kong-based companies.

Articles about company liquidation in Hong Kong

XXIII. Cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong

This section describes the regulations related to cryptocurrency operations in Hong Kong. Here you can also find out how to issue your own cryptocurrency in the territory.

Articles about cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong

XXIV. Dispute settlement in Hong Kong

In this section, we talk about the mechanisms and the opportunities to settle international disputes in Hong Kong. The articles here will be especially interesting to those business people who have Chinese partners.

Articles about dispute settlement opportunities in Hong Kong

XXV. Work in Hong Kong

In this section, we talk about finding a job in Hong Kong and also publish some vacancies here.

Articles about work and vacancies in Hong Kong

XXVI. Startups in Hong Kong

In this section, we discuss the specifics of registering and launching startups in Hong Kong.

Articles about registering, launching, and maintaining startups in Hong Kong


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