Guinea-Bissau: motor vehicle registration and tax residency in the country

Guinea-Bissau is a former Portuguese colony in Western Africa. This small country offers some interesting offshore services. It would not probably be a very good idea to pay a personal visit there but making use of the available services is worth considering, especially given the fact that visiting the country is not required for this purpose.

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I. All products and services related to Guinea-Bissau

Here you will find the descriptions of all our products and services that are available in Guinea-Bissau or that are related to the country in some way.

Articles about products and services in Guinea-Bissau

II. Companies in Guinea-Bissau

In this section, we discuss the factors that you have to take into account when setting up a business company in Guinea-Bissau.

Articles about companies in Guinea-Bissau

III. Legal and tax residency in Guinea-Bissau

How can you acquire legal and tax residency in Guinea-Bissau? The articles in this section answer this question.

Articles about legal and tax residency in Guinea-Bissau

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