British companies, bank accounts, partnerships, trusts, and immigration to Great Britain

Notwithstanding its prim and proper external decorum, Great Britain is the number one offshore jurisdiction in the world. Such well-known offshores as the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man, and Jersey are actually British overseas territories.

The UK also has the oldest immigration legislation in the world and it is rather complicated, to be frank. When talking about Great Britain, one cannot fail to remember that it was the largest empire in history once upon a time. At its peak, the British Empire governed a quarter of the total population of the planet. Of course, the country is not so huge and powerful any longer but there is the Commonwealth of Nations and there are some overseas territories anyway.

Even though Singapore and Hong Kong’s roles in the financial service industry are growing more important, London remains one of the business and financial centers of the world.

In this section, we provide most up-to-date information about British-registered companies and discuss the issues related to the structuring of English companies and Scottish partnerships. We also dwell on the procedures and requirements involved in immigrating to Great Britain.

I. All offshore industry products that are related to Great Britain in some way: English, Scottish, and Welsh companies, bank accounts, immigration support services, and so on

In this section, you can find the latest offers on registering companies and limited partnerships in England and Scotland. You will also find numerous special offers here. We sell UK-related services directly from London and Edinburgh without any intermediaries.

Articles about products and services in Great Britain: companies, bank accounts, and immigration services

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II. The theory of the applications of British-registered corporations and English and Scottish partnerships in particular

In this section, we talk about the goals that can be achieved by establishing a business structure in Great Britain and in one of its particular parts such as Scotland, for example. You can learn about the advantages and the disadvantages of British companies as well as the specifics of their registration. Which company type will suit you better: an English corporation or a Scottish partnership? Reading the articles in this section will let you find an answer to this and other suchlike questions. Besides, we will be happy to provide a free consultation to you on setting up a business company in the UK.

III. Great Britain as a tax haven and an international financial center

This section will introduce you to Great Britain as a tax haven for non-residents and an international financial center for banking and investments. Here we compare the UK to other tax havens and offshore zones with the view of their practical applicability. Of course, we also compare Great Britain with other midshore and onshore jurisdictions along the lines of doing international business there and planning the taxes.

Articles about Great Britain for international business

IV. Bank accounts and banking services in Great Britain

From the articles published in this section, you will learn whether it is possible to open accounts in London banks remotely, without a personal visit. You will also learn about the procedures of opening a bank account in the UK and even the bank tariffs. In case you do not find the answer to your question concerning the banking industry in Great Britain, you are welcome to address it to and we will promptly reply to you free of charge.

Opening a bank account in Great Britain is a highly complex matter that cannot be approached in a careless and blunt manner.

Articles about banks and banking system in Great Britain

V. Legal residence and citizenship of Great Britain

In this section, we describe the possibility to acquire legal residency and then the precious British passport. Please bear in mind, however, that the requirements for becoming a British citizen have been toughened recently.

Articles about immigration to Great Britain: visas, legal residency, citizenship

VI. Establish a business company in Great Britain

Those portal readers who are thinking seriously about moving to the UK and those who already live there often seek to establish a business venture in an English or a Scottish city. In this section, you can find some business ideas and recommendations. When reading the articles, you will understand what issues need to be considered before going into business in Great Britain.

Articles about setting up a business in the UK and acquiring a business license there

VII. Taxes and taxation system in Great Britain

In this section, we talk about personal and corporate taxes in Great Britain as well as property taxes.

Articles about personal, corporate, and property taxes in the UK

VIII. Great Britain’s treaties on double taxation avoidance and agreements on the exchange of fiscal information

Great Britain is a large financial center and the world leader in the number of double taxation avoidance and fiscal information exchange agreements that it has signed.

Articles about Great Britain’s double taxation avoidance agreements and other trade and tax treaties

IX. Real estate in Great Britain

In this section, we discuss the specifics of owning real property in Great Britain whether you buy it for living or for investment purposes. We also speak about British property taxes and discuss how a foreign national can become a real estate owner in the UK.

Articles about real estate in Great Britain for living and for investment

X. Interesting facts about Great Britain and sights to see in the country

We know that our readers are hard-working people successful in their careers. But we also know that our readers love to travel and broaden their horizons. When we encounter an outstanding fact while travelling around Great Britain, or when we find out about an unusual way to have fun in the country, we always share this information with you, dear readers.

Articles about tourist attractions and fun places to be found in Great Britain

XI. Protection of intellectual property rights in Great Britain

Great Britain is a popular jurisdiction for the effective protection of intellectual property rights that can be obtained there. From this section, you can learn about the methods of intellectual property right protection available in the country.

Articles about protection of intellectual property rights in Great Britain

XII. Education in Great Britain

Articles about education opportunities in Great Britain

XIII. Immigration- and offshore industry-related conferences in Great Britain

In this section, we list the events that are related to asset protection and tax planning. Most often, such events are held in London, the capital of Great Britain and the financial center of the world.

Articles about conferences held in Great Britain

XIV. Interesting news from Great Britain

XV. British trusts and trust legislation

In this section, we talk about trusts in Great Britain. We also show how the British people use offshore trusts for tax planning purposes and for transfer of property rights to their heirs.

Articles about British trusts and their uses

XVI. Cryptocurrencies and ICO in Great Britain

In this section, we show how cryptocurrency and ICO projects are regulated in the UK.

Articles about cryptocurrencies and ICO in Great Britain

XVII. Company registration in Great Britain

In this section, we describe the procedure of registering a company in Great Britain and discuss some specifics that need to be borne in mind in the process.

Articles about company registration in Great Britain

XVIII. Tax residence in Great Britain

In this section, we talk about the advantages of acquiring tax residency in Great Britain, list the duties that arise with the acquisition of tax residency in the country, and discuss the ways to become a British tax resident.

Articles about tax residency in Great Britain

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