Germany: companies, bank accounts, legal residence, and citizenship

Dear readers of portal! In this section, we cover various issues related to Germany. Here you can find the latest news about registering a business company in the country, opening a bank account there, acquiring legal residence, relocating to Germany, and many other interesting opportunities that this country offers.

I. All products and services related to Germany

In this section, you can find articles about our products and services in Germany that may be of interest to you.

II. Everything about registering a business company in Germany

In this section, we discuss the aspects related to establishing a company or a firm in Germany.

Articles about company registration in Germany

III. Everything about immigrating to Germany and living in the country

The section describes the possibilities to immigrate to Germany and build your life there.

Articles about immigrating to Germany

IV. Local business in Germany and comparison to other business cultures

In this section, we talk about business opportunities in Germany for prospective investors and business migrants and besides, we compare doing business in Germany with doing business in other national states.

Articles about doing business in Germany

V. Banks and bank accounts in Germany

In this section, we describe the opportunities to open personal and corporate bank accounts in Germany on a visit to the country or without leaving home.

Articles about banks and bank accounts in Germany

VI. Special offers on buying ready-made business companies in Germany

Are you looking for a ready-made company in Germany? You can find several attractive offers in this section.

Articles describing ready-made company offers in Germany

VII. German agreements on double taxation avoidance

Here we discuss the conditions on which Germany has made agreements with other countries on avoidance of double taxation.

Articles about the agreements on avoidance of double taxation that Germany has signed

VIII. Investment into real estate in Germany

This section contains articles about investment options for those interested in investing into real property in Germany.

Articles about the opportunities to invest into German real estate

IX. Investment into business in Germany

Berlin is often referred to as a ‘city of startups’ and there are interesting opportunities for investors in other parts of the country too. We have put some valuable information on the topic into this section.

Articles about investment into business in Germany

X. Interesting news about Germany and from Germany

In this section, we publish news related to immigration to Germany, business opportunities, and banking industry in the country.

German news

XI. Germany in the offshore world

In this section, we discuss the advantages that Germany offers for doing business, its impact on offshore and low-tax jurisdictions, and its role in the global de-offshorization process.

Articles about the position of Germany in the offshore world

XII. Practical recommendations on relocating to Germany

How can you move to Germany? Where can you rent an apartment in the country? How can you find a job there? We answer these and other practical questions in this section.

Articles containing practical recommendations for those relocating to Germany

XIII. Life in Germany after relocation

In this section, we show how you can live a comfortable life in Germany after relocating there.

Articles about life in Germany after relocation

XIV. Taxes and taxation system in Germany

In this section, we describe the taxes that are payable by individuals and by corporate entities in Germany.

Articles about personal and corporate taxes in Germany

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