France: company registration, legal residence, and a unique lifestyle

France is one of the largest economies in the EU. A multimillion population, high living standards, well-developed manufacturing facilities, advanced service sector, rich history, reliable education, world famous cuisine, fantastic wines and cognacs – these are the properties that France is well known for.

If you would like to live in France, we will be happy to assist you with relocation. This is quite possible if you are a financially independent person or if you are planning to invest into business in France.

We can also help you set up a business company in France. It is the second largest economy in Europe after Germany and it is among top ten world economies.

Please find the descriptions of our French products and services in this section. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

I. All products and services in France

Here you can read about all our products and services in France. We can assist you with acquiring a legal residence permit in the country, registering a company there, and opening a bank account if necessary.

Articles about products and services in France

II. Banks and banking industry in France

A large economy needs large banks. Here you can learn how the banking system in France operates, what requirements the French banks put forward to clients, and everything else that you need to know before setting up a bank account in the country.

Articles about banks and banking industry in France

III. Business in France: how you can start a company in the country and maintain it

In this section, we talk about the specifics of doing business in France. We discuss the reporting requirements, the ease of doing business ratings that France enjoys, the perspectives in various sectors of economy, and so on.

Articles about doing business in France

IV. French taxes and tax agreements

Taxes in France are like a sacred cow. If you do not want to be driven out of business by French taxes, you have to know everything about the taxes that exist in the country, about the available instruments to reduce the tax burden, and about the fiscal information exchange mechanisms that are applied in France.

Articles about French taxes and tax agreements

V. France in the international politics and economy

Here we talk about the ways France influences the world politics and especially about the country’s contribution to the fight against offshores, money laundering, and tax evasion.

Articles about France in the international arena

VI. Real property in France

Where can you buy real property in France? How do you register the property rights in the country? How much can it cost? What taxes do you have to pay when buying real estate in France? We answer these and other suchlike questions in this section.

Articles about real estate in France

VII. Conferences and other events in France

Here please find information about various conferences and other events that are held in France or that concern France.

Articles about French conferences

VIII. ICO in France

In this section, we discuss the legislation regulating ICO in France and the specifics of making ICOs in the country.

Articles about ICO-related opportunities in France

IX. Company registration in France

In this section, we discuss the process of registering a company in France. After reading the articles published here, you will know everything you need to know about establishing a business company in France.

Articles for those wishing to register a company in France

X. Legal residence in France

In this section, we describe the process of acquiring a temporary residence permit in France. If you would like to live in France and enjoy all the benefits of it, this section is for you.

Articles about legal residence in France

XI. Purchase of a ready-made business company in France

This section is for those who would like to purchase a shelf company in France. If you are looking for a ready-made company in the country with a bank account or if you are planning to invest into an existing business in France, please read the articles that are published here.

Articles about the opportunities to purchase a ready-made company and to invest into an existing business in France

XII. French tax residency

Here we discuss the possibilities to acquire tax residence in France and point out the main advantages and disadvantages of becoming a tax resident in the country.

Articles about acquiring tax residence in France

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