Finland: company registration, bank accounts, and legal residency in the country

Finland is not going to be the first country to come to mind when you start thinking about offshore opportunities. This is exactly what makes it so valuable because, in fact, you can register a foreign company and open a foreign bank account in Finland.

In addition to that, Finland is attractive by its high living standards, favorable ecological conditions, and stable economy. It is not surprising that many people from different countries dream about relocating to Finland.

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I. All products and services in Finland

Here you can find all the information about our Finnish products and services in one place. We open bank accounts, register companies, and do other things in the country.

Articles about products and services in Finland

II. Banks and banking industry in Finland

The specifics of the banking industry in Finland: all you need to know about Finnish banks and banking services.

Articles about banks and banking industry in Finland

III. Company registration in Finland

Why you should register a company in Finland and how you can do it. Consider registering a startup in the country as it offers wonderful infrastructure for startup projects.

Articles about company registration in Finland

IV. Immigration to Finland

Why you should relocate to Finland and how you can do it.

Articles about immigration to Finland

V. Finnish taxes and tax agreements

This section contains information about taxes in Finland and the tax-related agreements that the country has made with other national states.

Articles about Finnish taxes and tax agreements

VI. Interesting facts about Finland

How Santa Claus is getting along in Finland and other exciting and useful facts about the country.

Articles with interesting facts about Finland

VII. Investment into real estate in Finland

In this section, we discuss the opportunities to invest into residential and commercial real property in Finland and well as the possible investments into the agricultural sector in the country.

Articles about the possibilities to purchase foreign property in Finland

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